How to Make Paper Dandelions




Introduction: How to Make Paper Dandelions

Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to d...

Along with  my other paper instructables, I wanted to post this one on how to make paper dandelions. Someone had asked me the other day if I had ever made them, and I had not. So...

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

I use basic tools and materials.  All of these items are found in the well stocked craft/art studio, and I use them all the time on all kinds of projects:
1. Scissors
2. Pliers
3. Straight edges
4. Glue
5. Papers of different colors, weights, and  textures. For the most part, in this instructable, I have used cardstock, yellow and white.
6. Acrylic paint to color white card stock with green for leaves.
7. Hot melt glue gun.
8. And so on.

Step 2: Cut Main Blossoms From Yellow Cardstock

To make the blossoms cut out 8 circles of various diameters.  You can draw them free hand, or use a circle template as I have done in one of the pictures. To make sure cuts stay concentric, place a dot in the center of the circle and make a cut to the left of the circle, then move over and make a cut pointed at the right of the circle. May take a little practice!

Step 3: Glue Blossom Pieces Together With Spacers

With the eight blossom pieces, and eight or more spacers, simply glue all together. Pay attention to alignment of parts so that spikes don't overlap perfectly and that each piece is centered before gluing.

Step 4: Next, Make and Attach Stamens

Stamens are not visible on all dandelions, but some do have them quite apparent.  To make them, I cut very fine strips off of a colored piece of cardstock. A brown piece of paper would work as well, as would painted paper. Depends on what is on hand, and your preferences.

Step 5: Make Leaves for the Dandelions

For the leaves, I ended up painting some white cardstock with acrylic paint. I had tried some colored bond paper, and they were ok, but not what I wanted. Green and yellow paints were used and blended for effect.

Step 6: Final Arrangement Is Made

I decided to put three blossoms together with five leaves. This would make my piece balance as odd numbers seem to occur more regularly in art and nature.  To glue these parts together, I used the hot melt glue gun. Much faster than the craft glue, but can be used if that's all you have. A stem is made and glued to the leaves and blossoms. Then the stem is pushed into the styrofoam block, and we are done!



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    Update. Made two dozen. Got caught planting them. Have started a minor war. They were placed in another yard. Now they are migrating from yard to yard. Pink flamingos have been added, and a gnome. Waiting to see what happens next. I'm out of it. It's just the old guys going at each other's yards.

    1 reply

    Dandelions are my father-in-law's enemy. Having evil thoughts about making and placing some on his lawn.

    2 replies

    Have started. I'm making about twenty for various lawns. Lol. Ha ha ha(evil laugh).

    muhaha perfect prank to pull on someone obsessed with gardening lol!!

    those are beautiful! poor underrated dandelions - they have such exuberant little flowers

    1 reply

    I love this! I'm going to give it a try!