How to Make Your Own Tablet Case

The Padfolio I bought was the perfect size for my 7" tablet. You should be able to find a larger one to fit larger tablets and iPads.

Cut two pieces of elastic, one for each side of the tablet. The pieces should be roughly as wide as the tablet -- don't cut them too short: they should be stretched to accept the tablet and hold it securely.
Apply a dab of glue on the bottom of the elastic band as well as on the case itself where the band will be applied. Let the glue dry for about five minutes then test fit the tablet.
The total cost of the project was $11.56 from Walmart; the most inexpensive comparable case I could find in stock at my Walmart was $29.98.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Sure does! The lengths of the elastic are slightly shorter than the overall width of the tablet -- therefore they are stretched quite a bit when the tablet is inserted under them. This puts a pretty decent amount of pressure on it and keeps it rather secure. As you can see, it'll stand upright without it slipping out.
    Alternatively, you could of course put elastic on each corner as some cases do. This would probably provide a more secure hold.