How to Make a Paper Snowflake




Introduction: How to Make a Paper Snowflake

How do you make a paper snowflake?

Supplies needed:

1. One blank sheet of white paper
2. One blank sheet of purple paper (Look at tip three for more color options) (origami paper can be used as well)
3. One pair of scissors
4. One glue stick
5. A foot long piece of string (preferably white, but any color will do)
6. A ruler

1. First, take each sheet of paper and fold them longways. With the skinniest ends facing to and away from you, fold the paper in half down.
2. (Steps two and three only neccesary for non-origami paper) Next, take the ruler and measure one of the two (does not matter which) of the shortest sides of either paper.
3. Measure out the same length for each paper and cut off the excess paper ONLY on the side where there is one fold crease and one open side with four sides of the paper visible. (See tip number one!)
4. Then, begin cutting out a pattern in which there are three spokes sticking out of the paper (as shown in the picture) and out of those spokes, three more. When cutting, be sure to only cut along the side in which there is one fold crease on one side and two fold creases on the other. This will ensure that you can open your snowflake to it's full size.
5. Repeat step four on the second snowflake.
6. Next, glue the snowflakes together so that the spokes are inbetween those of the other snowflake.
7. Then take the foot long string and tie the end onto the snowflake. (See tip two!)
8. Now, you may hang your snowflake anywhere to bring some winter cheer!

1. Cut slow! The more careful you are, the more even a product you will have!
2. You can use the snowflake as an ornament too! All you need to do is trim down the string until two inches hang off. Now, tie it to a hook and hang it up.
3. Other color options that represent the winter season are blue, gold, green, red, silver and brown. Any of these mix well together and also with white and purple!

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