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Introduction: How to Open a Pesky Pistachio Nut

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I hate it when I'm eating pistachio nuts and I find one that has only opened a tiny bit. This quick technique, taught to me by my friend Lloyd, will open these problematic legumes every time without risking sore fingernails or broken teeth.

When you encounter the pistachio nut that is just barely open, the first instinct is to use your fingernails to pry it open, crunch it with your teeth, or just swallow it whole. But resist those urges and read on to learn this handy trick.

Step 1: Use the Right Tool for the Job

You should always use the right tool for the right job, and lucky for you, you already have a whole pile of the right tool already near by when you are eating pistachio nuts.

Grab a discarded 'pistachio nut shell half', and stick the top of the small end into the partially-opened pistachio.

Step 2: Now Twist Like You've Never Twisted Before

With the shell top inserted into the crack, twist the shell half like you would turn a screwdriver. Clockwise or counterclockwise directions both work equally well. As you twist, the shell will separate with a loud report as if by magic.

Step 3: Eat the Conquered Pistachio Nut Meat and Enjoy Your Victory

You did it. Sure, anyone can open a pistachio with a LeatherMan, hammer, or laser cutter. But without using any of those traditional pistachio-opening tools, and without risking injury of your fingernails, teeth, or your pride, you beat the pistachio at its own game. You got to the prize. Now eat it. Savor the morsel that was previously unreachable by humankind.

Next time you're sitting around with friends eating pistachios, show them this trick...and remember that you learned it on Instructables.



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    I am a pistachio grower. Just for info - they are not legumes!
    Also, the shells that don't split on the end or just split on the suture across from the hinge does not mean that they are not ripe. Just means you have to work a little harder to get to the nutty goodness inside. Fingernails, teeth, metal openers, hammers, .45 acp or pistachio shells doesn't matter. Just get it.

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    I have 4 trees and I get a lot of unopened nuts, so I found by roasting them it makes some open but I have not found a way that openes most of them. Do you have that problem?


    2 years ago

    Yay!!!! Works so much better than pliers and so much more convenient.

    how simple is this then???? well done...

    WOW! Wish I had read this before mangling both thumbnails and assorted fingernails, not to mention sending needle sharp shards everywhere via firecracker!!

    PERFECT! Just sitting here eating lunch and had this exact problem. Your solution is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    wow, great! i searched it while struggling with the pistachio! such a wonderful idea! As diamond cuts diamond, pista cuts pista! :)

    This is a great instructable. :) Although I usually just use a hammer. Kinda messy, since multiple shell pieces get everywhere, but when a nut wants a nut... ;)

    I can't believe people are so rude as to take your excellent tip and then to diss you about your fingernails. Folks, have you ever eaten pistachio nuts and then looked at your own fingernails? Please!

    Wow, it saved my fingernails! Thank you. I almost bought a pistachio opener. Now, to enjoy more pistachios...

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    Hi CoconutStudio...

    Please try to find a way to support the pistachio nut opener industry, even though I have taught you this secret. Thousands of Americans in that industry lose their jobs each day.

    Won't you help?

    Best instructable yet... works great!

    This is really useful. I'm sitting in a hotel room right now and have a whole pile of barely opened pistachios. I knew there was a trick but didn't remember it. Thanks, TechShop Jim!

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    First: OMG!! People, they are just nuts, just use your brain!!! Anyone with even half of one would eventually have found someway to efficiently open them, I'm sure. It's a nice tip of course, but I didn't realize there were that many people in this world that can't open a pistachio.
    Second: Yes, nice manicured hands are preferable, but come on, not every guy is a "metro-sexual"..
    And Third: To TRIPLEC...Yes, the nut does look like some kind of computer chip...Hmm, Oddness... :)

    Buy enough nuts that that one that isn't open won't matter. In the used shell bowl or rubbish barrel. If you buy a pound, you may have a dozen bad nuts worth 1/2 cent.

    I have found my handy dandy home tool kit helpful. In this case a hammer usually ends up with a bruised thumb, so instead I opted for pliers just gently squeeze the nut. The further back your hand is on the handles the more control you have. Remember to shield the rest of the nut with your other hand or it may have pieces flying.