How to Put on Socks




Introduction: How to Put on Socks

Step 1: Prepare

Get 2 feet and 2 socks

Step 2:

Get one foot and one sock( doesn't matter witch one left or right)

Step 3: Put on Your Socks

Get the opening of your sock and put your toes In then slide in your whole foot so the opening is on your ankle

Step 4:

Repeat that with your other foot and you are done!



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    7 Discussions

    this no show socks are pretty. its very colorful. looking nice. i love this socks. i will buy this socks for me.

    Instructions not clear enough... head got stuck in toaster!!!!!

    A little help- the 'able doesn't show how tho put un knee-high socks!!! Help!!! Please!!! lol

    What if I have 3 feet?

    I thought they grow on your feet