How to Survive Zombies

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Step 1: Weapons

I think that the biggest thing you need are weapons. If you don't have any make some. Guns are good but you can run out of ammo very quickly so make sure to get a weapon that you can reuse

Step 2: Friends

Finding people to help you survive the apocalypse is essential to survival. Having a big group may not be the best idea because it would be a lot harder to find enough food or water.

Step 3: Food&Water

Food and water are very important for survival. It would be very hard to find it so you should stalk up and grow your own food.

Step 4: Shelter

You could live moving from one place to another or you could find a place that would be easy to defend and to get in and out from.

Step 5: Tips

Do not go to a place where a lot of people would normally think of going. Find a car that is not small and that does not wast gas. Find easy ways to upgrade it.

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    4 years ago

    really cool man!