How to Use Mini- Loom?

Introduction: How to Use Mini- Loom?

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This object named "mini-loom" which comes in with a loom set is really easy to use.

CAUTION: I am going to use the word "loom" instead of "mini-loom". Dont get confused..

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Step 1: Choose Your Mini-loom.

Here are four mini-looms

All are of two types.

The first picture with three mini-looms can be used to make any loom band with is made on the two pegs of loom set.

Like, you can make them by seeing the following tutorials.



Inverted Fishtail:

and much much more!

Though, the other blue mini-loom is only used to make the single loop bracelet and it is a bit different to use that's why, I made this tutorial to tell you how to use that one.

Step 2: Starting the Band

Place a bands on the one side of the loom.

Pull in using a hook and twist it and place on the other side

Push through the hook and add a band on the end.

Pull the hook and one end of the band should be on the hook and other on your finger.

Place the end on finger on the hook too.

Remove your finger

Step 3: Make the Next Loop

Add another band on the end and pull it through.

And ends should be on the hook and your finger.

Place the end ( which was on the finger ) on the hook.


Step 4: Keep on Doing That

Repeat until desired length is reached.

Step 5: End Your Band

Your hook should match the look on the picture.

Now the bottom end, you should push it and put it over the hook.

Turn to the other side of the loom and use your hook to remove the band there which leaves a band on one side

Attach the S or C clip and enjoy.

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