How to Make a Ring Out of a Quarter

Introduction: How to Make a Ring Out of a Quarter

This project is a fun, if not long lasting one. Using nothing but a spoon and quarter from before 1975, you'll be able to make a fashionable and unique ring. This is possible because the older quarters had a higher silver content, and as silver is a soft metal, it's beatable.

Oh, and two things; this is my first instructable, so bear with me. And this project did take me about a month working on it for about five minutes a day

Step 1: Materials

You will need four things for this project: A spoon, average weight, and sturdy. A quarter from before 1975. A very acurate drill, or a laser guided drill press. And a lot of patience.

Step 2:

Now, holding the quarter in your hand as shown, start hitting the quarter with the spoon, and slowly rotating the quarter as you hit it. This way, the width is kept even. repeat this process until the center of the quarter is the width of your finger.

Step 3: Drilling

This step is the riskiest part, and it is also the only one I don't have a picture for. Basically, you are going to position the drill bit in the dead center of the quarter, drill it, then smooth the inside with sandpaper or a rattail file.

I will upload this step the next time I have access to a drill press, until then, thanks for looking :)

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Actually 1964 is last year of silver coins. Also you can use a spoon to tap out a new quarter that is made after 1964, it is just bad to wear as copper can change skin color. Also there is a faster way to use a hammer, but this can fold the coin and warp it if not very careful


    7 years ago on Introduction

    FYI, it was actually 1965 when they stopped using 90% silver.

    Otherwise, very nice.