How to 3D Print a Colored Baby Groot




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Today I will teach you how to Make a baby groot, totally 7 steps, it's easy.

Preparation:- 3D print high-precision Groot model ( I used Overlord 3D Printer here)

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Step 1: How to 3D Print a Colored Baby Groot


-3d print high-precision groot model

- Oil pigments;

- Pigment thinner;

- Paintbrush;

- Color ware;

Step 2: Model Printing

Download address of model: (Baidu Netdisk) Printer used: OverLord pro 3D printer Model printing. Cura setting parameters are shown below:

Step 3: Step 2: Fixing Model

Look around and find a base that could make the model higher, and bind 3D print Groot and the base together with double-sided adhesive.

Step 4: Adjusting Color

1. Pour a small amount of pigment thinner in a small vessel as brush washing liquid and diluent in advance;

2. Firstly, we try to use cooked brown, black and emerald green to adjust the basic color for Groot body;

3. You can refer to the ratio in the picture for the adjusting proportion of coat. If the actual adjusted coat is dark, you can add some white pigment;
4. You can put two or three drops of thinner when adjusting pigments, which contributes to integration of pigments, but don’t put too much. 5. Evenly mix the pigments directly with the brush;

Step 5: Painting Basic Coat

1. Mix pigments again. Pigments used for appearance coat are lighter than base coat so as to show the contrast of Groot details through the depth and lightness of color;

2. If there are much base coat left, you can directly add white pigment as the new appearance coat;

3. Dip the brush in the coat and paint Groot. Note that try not to paint the concave part;

Step 6: Painting Details Like Mosses on Groot

1.Use emerald green, white and yellow pigments for mixing;

2. Dip the brush in the mixed coat and paint the head and other parts of Groot, simulating mosses or plants;

Step 7: Paint Eyes for Groot

1. Prepare a little black and white pigments;

2. Use a smaller brush to paint the base color black along Groot’s eyes;

3. After cleaning the brush, dip it with a little white pigment and paint eyeballs and reflection;

Step 8: Finished Product:

Finished Product

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    9 months ago

    Hello! Nice Work! I'm wondering if the shining groot was polished with acetone, how did you make it shine?


    1 year ago

    Where is the 3d print file located? I love this and would like to make it for the kids.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you, if you think it's nice, please share this with your friends.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you, it's easy to make, welcome to share this with your friends~