How to Arrange Text on an Image in Photoshop

Intro: How to Arrange Text on an Image in Photoshop

This Instructable shows you how to arrange a text on an image in photoshop

Step 1: Opening the Image

Open an image in Photoshop by dragging the image file onto the Photoshop application icon.

Step 2: Creating the Text

Click on the text tool and pick a font, size, and style.

Step 3: Typing Text

Click on the picture and type the words you want. This creates a new layer above the background layer.

Step 4: Moving the Text

Move the text to the location of your choice using the move tool.

Step 5: Layers

If you want to change the font, size, or style of the text, select the text layer in the Layers Palette, then click on the text tool and highlight the text. Once the text is highlighted, you can change any of those attributes. When the text changes are finished, press the ‘enter’ key.

Step 6: Saving

When you’re finished editing and placing the text, select 'save as' from the Photoshop 'file' menu to save the image.  To save the layers for future editing, select TIFF or Photoshop for the file format.



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