How to Assemble Ikea Bed Frame Askvoll

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I buy the ASKVOLL bed frame in Ikea Barcelona, I bring it to home and mount it the same day. In the video you can see what part you should buy and all the steps needed to mount it.

The bed frame comes in three boxes. Do not forget to buy the mattress base, the mattress, pillow, bed sheets and eiderdown!

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Step 1: Place the Screw on the Boards

Place 4 screws in the head board and 4 on the foot board.

Step 2: Place the Rubber Foot Pad

You have to place the rubber foot pad on the legs of the food board and head board, there are 4 pads.

Step 3: Place Wood Sticks on the Bed Rails

Place eight wood sticks on the bed rails. They go on the big holes.

Step 4: Insert the Circular Peace on the Bed Rails Holes

Insert the circular peace on the bed rails holes. Make sure the arrow in the circular piece is in the bed rail screw hole direction.

Step 5: Mount the Frame

Place the bed rail on the head board and then on the foot board. Once is inserted tight the circular piece with the Allen key.

Step 6: Assembly the Metal Rail to the Wooden Bed Rails

There are two metal rail that you have to mount on each side. You have to put 8 screws on each rail.

Step 7: Crossing Bar Assembly

You have to place the crossing bars. The first one goes from one side to the other in the two holes more close to the food board. The other one goes from one of the holes more close to the foot board to the hole in more close to the head board.

Step 8: Mount Mattress Base Structure

You have to place 12 screws 6 in each side and place the 3 crossing bars.

Step 9: Place the Mattress Blades

You have to place all the mattress blades. First you pass them throw the two belts and the to the sockets.

Place grey blades on dark grey sockets and white blades on light grey sockets.

Step 10: Screw the Belts to the Mattress Base

Screw the belts to the mattress base

Step 11: Place the Mattress Base on the Bed Frame

Place the mattress base on the bed frame

Step 12: Place the Mattress on the Bed Frame

Place the mattress on the bed frame and jump in to try the bed



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