How to Build a Minecraft Creeper




I will show you how to build your very own beloved creeper from Minecraft, using Perler Beads.

Step 1: Setting Up

You will need to have the following items to make your creeper.

* Perler beads
* Square bead board
* Ironing paper
* An Iron
* Green coated paperclips
* Wire cutters
* Pliers

I would recommend sorting through your beads, and counting them out first. The creeper will require 896 beads; 52 being black. Sorting them first will speed up the whole process.

Step 2: Ironing Tips

How to iron:
1. Turn on the iron at a high setting.
2. Place the ironing paper on top of the beads while still on the board. Note that folds will leave a small mark down the finished piece.
3. Iron the beads until there is a wide but thin lip. This usually takes less than 10 seconds.
4. Flip the board over, remove it, and iron the other side.

I would recommend creating a few scraps to test the thickness, and to try interlocking the pieces.

I would also recommend ironing each piece individually, for the following reasons:
* It will be easier to clean up and fix if the board is accidentally dropped
* Ironing multiple pieces at a time can cause one to become too flat and become unusable; or not receive enough heat and fall apart.

Step 3: Making the Head

Create the head by following this template. You can use any colors you like. I randomly placed clear green, florescent green, light green, dark green, and white. You can try to follow the creepers exact pixel by pixel color, but this quickly becomes tiresome.

To assemble the cube, place the front on the bottom piece, lining up the mouth. Add the sides and the back. Then put the top on at the end.

You can force the beads into place, but keep in mind that you can apply a lot of sheer force, but not much torsion.

Step 4: Making the Body

Same thing as the head.

The sides are kinda flimsy when putting it together, so be careful.

Step 5: Making the Feet

Same procedure as the head and body. The darkened sections can be black if you like.

To connect the feet to the body, there must be 2 beads beside each-other on the top.
If you want the toes to point the right way, you must fill the gap at the front of the two back feet, as shown in the pictures below.

Step 6: Assembly

To attach the head to the body, simply cut a small piece of the paperclip, and force it though the center of the body and head as shown.

Create four long staple that will fit between two beads.

Remove the tops of the feet, and install the staples. You can eyeball or measure the distance, and bend the wires upward to fit.
Force the wire trough the holes in the bottom of the body and put the tops of the feet back on.

Step 7: Done!

Your done! Enjoy your new creeper.

Please post pictures of your creepers, along with any helpful tips and suggestions.

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3 years ago

i made a pink creeper

and a blue one

then the good old original


3 years ago



8 years ago on Step 7

I really love the idea!
I just can't fathom what made you decide to do an interlocking design. By nature, pearler beads don't really support interlocking. After melting, the beads become larger and the gaps smaller, and it's nearly impossible to get an even press across one board. I just filled in all the gaps along edges and glued the whole thing up with a hot glue gun when I was done. It looks great, I just wish I'd done a better job on the head (I made it a good row or two too big.) I'd redo it, but sorting those freaking beads drives me up the wall.

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Reply 8 years ago on Step 7

You're ironing them too much if you're having trouble interlocking them.

They don't need to be ironed extensively, especially when 3d, because you have 6 sides forming a rigid structure

Completely agree as I've been creating some 3-D projects and noticed they form best with very minimal ironing. I tend to iron both sides for about 10-15 seconds and snap together to cool. The product actually holds together well with a pretty solid foundation if ironed well.


Reply 8 years ago on Step 7

I'm still gonna try it, but don't tell me if it's hard, I've never used them and this may be my first (mabe I'll do a practice one). :P


4 years ago

Thank you! Now ender dragon pleaseeee


4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the GREAT pattern!

We made the creeper & Modified creeper into Steve, then added a hook on top for Christmas ornaments!

Using basic pattern for a Skeleton ornament this year!


4 years ago

This is awesome!! I only had two colors, but it didn't suck too badly! ? Obviously the example is better but still! Also, turkeys are getting ready to be turned into dinner, just in time for Thanksgiving!! ???


5 years ago on Introduction

This was so much fun! I had to glue instead of using paper-clips, but that worked as well. Thanks for a brilliant instructable!


5 years ago

I want to see some one make a ender creeper....wait i should do that lol thanx man freakin awsome


6 years ago on Introduction

Look out, Turkeys! Creeper behind you! xDlolz

Awesome ible! Totally doing this.


6 years ago on Introduction

He took a few hours, and he's not quite right because i got fed up with the legs (Oops!) but I love him! He's so adorable. :D