How to Build a Phone Charger in 2 Minutes

in this instructable, you will learn how to build a phone charger in no-time and almost no tools.

all you need is:


2 X 3V coin battery

old (working) phone charging cable

some kind of tape


Step 1:

first, about the charging cable, you need to cut it after the USB connection which will expose 4 wires. you need to cut the two that are responsible for the data transportation leaving only the black/blue and the red wire. then tape the black wire to the rough side of one battery,

Step 2:

now tape the smooth side of the second battery to the red wire of the cable

Step 3: You Are Done!

now tape the two batteries together, with their empty sides facing each other - rough side to smooth side. and that's it!

version 2.0 coming soon



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    2 Discussions

    Is this really able to charge the phone? It seems like the phone battery would have a higher capacity than the coin cells.

    1 reply

    you are semi-right. it does only have a disappointing power of about 450mah but for checking your inbox or to call sombody once a while it does a pretty good job