How to Cable Computer Outlets

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Rick and Nathan from the Team cable a new computer outlet
in a wood constructed building with the help of fish rods and cable pulleys.

Products used on this install:

Pull String Bucket, 6500ft Reference: 100766

18ft Fishing Rod Kit (Jameson Part# 7SS-36T) Reference: 100644

Electrical Tape Reference: 101806

Cat5E Computer Network Cable, 1000ft Bulk CMR/PVC Reference: 100608

Cat6 Computer Network Cable, 1000ft Bulk CMR/PVC Reference: 100056

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Step 1:

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    3 years ago

    Another tool I found indispensable:

    A wrist-rocket-style slingshot, with a closed-face spinning reel mounted on the handle, and a fairly substantial hex nut on the end of the line.

    Push the release, shoot it, ..... BOOM! Instant haul cable.