How to Control Tracked Robot Via Joystick NRF24L01 Module Arduino Part1 Tx




The prerequisite instruction "How to control Tracked Robot via Joystick NRF24L01 Module Arduino part1 Tx" will be introduced the method how to build dual joystick transmitter(Tx) to control Tracked robot via NRF24L01 Arduino 2.4G wireless module.

The Tracked robot Receiver(Rx) building method will be introduced in the instruction "How to control Tracked Robot via Joystick NRF24L01 Module Arduino Part2 Rx"

Thank to , for RF24 library and other nRF24L01 module information.

You can purchase electronic parts from Aliexpress, Banggod,Ebay,etc.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools


1. 1 - Arduino controller - Nano

2. 1 - NRF24L01+PA+LNA SMA Antenna module

3. 1 - Socket adapter for NRF24L01(For protect & stabilize NRF24L01 module)

4. 1 - LED 5 mm.

5. 1 - Resistor 1 kOhm. 1/4 watt.

6. 1 - Capacitor 0.1 microF /50V.

7. 1 - Capacitor 1 microF /50V.

8. 1 - Capacitor 100 microF /50V.

9. 1 - Diode 1N4001

10. 1 - 7805 IC Regulator 5V.

11. 2 - Joystick for Arduino

12. Dupont wires.

13. Female pin header

14. 1 - L298N Arduino module

15. Electrical wires

16. Heat shrink tube 1.5 - 10 mm.

17. PCB - DIY circuit board

18. Battery Alkaline 9V. or Lipo 7.4 V. 500-1000 mAh

19. Velcro tape

20. Tamiya track and wheel set

21. Tamiya dual geared box

22. Tamiya plastic perforated plate

23. 1 -Potentiometer B10K

24. 2 - pairs of JST plug

25. 1 - Electrical box(For making transmitter body)


1. Soldering gun.

2. Soldering wire.

3. Soldering paste.

4. Screw driver.

5. Plier.

6. Hot glue gun.

7. Miscellaneous screws ,bolts and nuts.

Step 2: Parts & DIY PCB Installation

DIY PCB Building

Connecting electronic parts on PCB according to circuit diagram and solder them.

Arduino Nano pin to Joystick

Pin No :

A0 - Left Horizontal pin (X-Axis)

A1 - Left Vertical pin (Y-Axis)

A2 - Right Horizontal pin (X-Axis)

A3 - Right Vertical pin (Y-Axis)

Arduino Nano pin to Potentiometer

Pin No :

A4 - Signal output pin

nRF24L01 module Socket Adaptor to Arduino Nano

Pin No :

Vcc - 5 V. supply (Do not connect 5V. directly to nRF24L01 module,it's supplied only 3.3V.)


CE - 9

CSN - 10

SCK - 13

MO - 11

MI - 12

IRQ - 2

*If you have communication problem,you can change connection from pin 13,11,12 to pin SCK,MOSI,MISO of Nano programming pins.
*It's necessary to add 0.1 microF to nRF24L01 module pin Vcc/GND because the module needs stable current and voltage.

*You can use other electrical plastic box to be remote frame.(This instruction use old RC toy car remote.)

Step 3: Electronic Parts & Software Installation

Arduino sketch and Library :

1.Down load attached sketch file .ino and download library zip file for nRF24L01 module from

2.Add library zip file to Arduino software.You will see new library RF24-master in Examples menu.

3.Before using new nRF24L01 modules,we shall burn the modules by uploading default sketch pingpair and GettingStarted for tuning up frequency otherwise it will has uncommunication problem.(Use another Arduino Nano and nRF24L01 modules for pairing)

4.After success matching the frequency ,we can comply and upload attached Tx sketch to NANO controller.

(If you have problem,go to visit website for more information)

Remarks : This instruction has been applied data[0] and data[1] of Left Joystick only.

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Reply 2 years ago

What's the objective?,the code send to pwm digital ports.


3 years ago

Great start! Why the extra voltage regulator. Can't you just grab 5 volts from the Nano?

4 replies

Reply 3 years ago

The nrf24l01+PA module needs more power than NANO can supply.


Reply 3 years ago

OK. Better safe than sorry. Although the specs say the NRF24L01 hi power draws 115 mA max and the Nano regulator can supply 5 volts at 500 mA.


Reply 3 years ago

There are another devices two joysticks and one potentiometer. If electrical supply is too low,it cannot maintain joysticks' data.The transmission will fail.


Reply 3 years ago

Looking forward to the rest of the project.