How to Convert Raspberry Pi Into HI FI Audio System Using RuneAudio




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Hey guys, weekend is coming and you are waiting to make some cool project with Rpi, but you don't have any clue. Cheer up!!, I have come up with a project with which one can convert Raspberry Pi into a Hi Fi Music Player.

Sounds Exciting right??

Why did I come up with this project??

In my weekend I was just getting bored and while I was listening to my songs , I got little frustrated on getting up from the couch every time to change songs from mobile, as it was connected with my speakers also I had to no control over the audio system, in terms of changing the song, shuffling..etc.

So I decided to make use of my Raspberry Pi to make a audio system, which would allow me to control it with my laptop while I am happily using it sitting on my couch:).

While browsing I saw an Os called Rune Audio, which would do the required thing , but I found it very difficult as a novice user to understand the steps and that's the reason , why I am bringing this detailed easy to follow tutorial so that anyone can make it!!.

In this project I use a Usb pendrive connected to RPi to play songs and remotely control it with my Laptop

Follow through the steps and have a awesome weekend making a cool music player!!

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Step 1: Materials Required


1. Raspberry Pi 2 with Sd card (32Gb class 10 is recommended)

2. Power Adapter for Raspberry Pi

3. Laptop

4. Speakers with cable having 3.5mm male audio pin

5. Ethernet cable, one side connected to the Modem

6. USB Pendrive with your Favorite songs Loaded


1. RuneAudio Os( Refer Step 2)

2. Advanced Ip Scanner

(See at the bottom of instructable for the .exe file attached)

3. Win32 DiskImager (Download from the link Below)

4.SD formatter (See at the bottom of instructable for the .exe file attached)

NOTE: This Project is Done with Windows PC.

Step 2: Installing RuneAudio

1. Go to this link

Install the Os According to your Board Configuration. I am using a Rpi 2

2. After Downloading , Extract the File

3. Take out the Sd card from Rpi and insert it into the PC and then Open the SD Formatter

4. Select the Correct Drive to be formatted, for me It was labelled as K: drive

( NOTE: It is very important to know what drive you are formatting, sometimes in a hurry people tend to format their hard drives and loose all their data, so be careful and cross verify)

5. Select the Format options as ON, (see the picture)

6. Press format and wait till it gets done.

7.Open Win32 Disk Imager.

8. Browse and Select the Extracted file location and then choose the .img file and then press write

(See the Snapshot attached for better understanding)

9. Now after the Os is written , remove the card and insert it into your Rpi

Step 3: Connections

1. Plug the power cable.

2. Connect the Ethernet cable to Rpi.

3. Connect the Male audio pin from the speaker to Rpi's 3.5 mm socket.

4. Connect the pendrive to Rpi.

Refer Picture's for better understanding

NOTE: Here we use RPi as Headless (i.e without display)

Step 4: Acessing RuneAudio From Laptop and Playing Music

1. Open the Advanced Ip Scanner software and press scan

2. You will see a IP address corresponding to RUNEAUDIO. Make a note of it.

3. Now go to your browser and enter your Rpi's Ip address, and then you would see a RuneAudio GUI on your browser.(

if you do no get it. copy the below link and try it

http://runeaudio or http://runeaudio.local

if you are still facing problem, refer to their official site:

Refer to Snapshots attached for the following steps

4. Now in the RuneAudio Gui go to the extreme right corner and Select Sources From the drop down Menu

5. Now you would see your USB pendrive name detected by the RuneAudio

6. After that select the "Queue" tab on the right down corner and then select browse library to select music from your pendrive to be played

7. Double click the song, and then go to the select playback option from the menu and you would see your song being played with a control panel consisting of volume control, album image etc...

Yahooo.......Awesome, you have made a cool Hi fi music sytem, cheers to you :) If you have any doubt feel free to post it:)

Have a happy time listening to songs!!

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2 years ago

good idea. Appart from using audio out on RPi so we not really talking HiFi here ;)

You should really avoid on board audio out and use decent DAC either on GPIO or USB

Suraj Grewal

3 years ago

nice work
don't know why audio stutters in Ubuntu on raspberry pi


3 years ago

Hi Vivek, I must say this is an amazing project. I just wanted to ask howmuch did the Raspberry Pi 2 cost you?

1 reply
VIVEK GRAjay_jan27

Reply 3 years ago

Hey thanks bro. I bought for around 4K including sd card.:)


3 years ago

hello, i built this and everything working except it is not playing any music. i added songs to queue and it shows everything but it doesn't play.


3 years ago

As this runs through the browser will you be able to control it through the internet browser on a smartphone?

1 reply
VIVEK GRmakeosaurus

Reply 3 years ago

Yes you can control with internet browser in your smartphone as long as the phone is connected to the home network!


3 years ago

would like to make this one day. First need to get another pi2 (only got one pi1 left) and check if it can work worth my shared folder on my nas.

1 reply
VIVEK GRedwinkort

Reply 3 years ago

Awesome, waiting to hear from you after you build it:)