How to Correctly Perform a Squat




Introduction: How to Correctly Perform a Squat

In this tutorial I will be teaching how to correctly perform a squat in the safest way to prevent injury.

Step 1: Starting Position

When starting out with a squat it is important to have the bar properly placed on your upper back and shoulders. From there you want to have a slight arch in your back and keep your abs tight. It is also important to keep your feet shoulder with apart with a slight bend in your knees. The last thing you want to do is keep your head neutral so that you are not putting your spine in a harmful position.

Step 2: Bottom Position

On the way down it is important to maintain the positions mentioned in the last step to carry out proper form for safety. Then, you want to flex your quads and hamstrings throughout the entire movement. It is very important that when you get to the bottom of the movement that you keep your back in the same position and don't let it round out as this may put a lot of stress on your lower back and potentially cause injury.

Step 3: Back to Starting Position

Like mentioned in the previous steps, it is important to maintain the same posture and form all the way up to the top. Do not let the knees concave inwards as this may also damage your knees. Keep your chest up on the way up and your back straight. Once you reach the top, return to the same starting position and repeat all three steps over again.

Step 4: Proper Form

Here is several examples as to what not to do. This step is very important because it visually shows you what not to do so that you can properly avoid everything wrong to do. I think visually showing people gives them a lot better of an understanding of exactly what not to do just in case they cant picture it in their heads form use of words.

Step 5: Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on how to properly perform a squat so you can visually see how it is performed correctly all in motion.

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    Great tutorial. I have just started working out and it is good to be aware the proper form.