How to Create a Cute Flower Cat Costume

This Instructable will guide you to making a flower costume for your cat. This is a great outfit to use when taking family photos for special occasions, like Mother's Day presents and Easter family photos, or just to impress your friends any day of the week.This a fairly simple process, where the only skills you need are using scissors and a hot glue gun well. This costume should only take up to an hour to make, and by the end you will have an adorable cat costume to show off to everyone!

Step 1: Gather All Materials

  • Cat
    • Warning: Your cat needs to be relaxed, do not give any catnip before starting this project
  • 1/2 yard of green fabric
  • 3 - 4 swatches of pink felt swatches for petals
  • 1 package of pink pipe cleaners for petals
  • Velcro patches for headband
    • You can buy the sticky back Velcro patches, but it is not necessary
  • Masking tape for headband
  • Sting for measurements
  • Scissors and box cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Marker
  • Optional material:
    • Friend to help with controlling your cat

Step 2: Measure You Cats Dimensions

  1. Measure the length of the body
    • Take the measuring tape and rest it against the body
  2. Measure the circumference of his/her body
    • Wrap the string around the body (loosely)
    • Mark where the strings meet
    • Measure the string
  3. Measure the circumference of his/her head
    • Same method as above

Tip: Always add an extra half inch to the measurements so your cat isn't uncomfortable

Step 3: Cut Out the Cat Cape for "stem"

    1. Cut out square fabric with the dimension circumference of body by length of body
      • I would suggest to wrap around the cat before moving to next step to make sure it's the appropriate size
    2. Fold fabric in half long ("hotdog") way
    3. Measure about 1 - 1.5 inches on the one of the corners opposite of the fold
      • This will be the strands of the cape
      • I show the measurement of my cape in the second photo using tape
      • Tip: The thicker the strands, the better it will tie and stay on your cat!
    4. Where you measured, cut about halfway into your fabric towards the fold
    5. Then cut straight down towards the bottom
    6. Unfold your new cape
      • Your end product should look like the third photo

    Step 4: Cut and Prepare Headband

    1. Cut a stripe of fabric that is the circumference of his/hers head that's about 1.5 inches thick
    2. Attach 1 Velcro patch on one end of the headband
      • To add extra hold, hot glue the Velcro dots to the headband
      • Warning: Hot glue is very hot, be extra careful!!
    3. Flip over the head band and attach the second Velcro dot to the opposite end
    4. On the bottom on the headband, mark out 5 spaces that you'll put your petal
      • These will guide you to where to make the holes for the petals to stick in

    Step 5: Create Petals and Petal Stems

    To create petals:

    • Cut out 5 petals out the desired shape
    • Tip: To make this easier and less costly, I folded the swatches in half and cut 2 at a time

    To create stems:

    • Cut the pipe cleaners roughly 3/4 of the petal
    • Leaving about a 1/4 of an inch below the petals, hot glue the pipe cleaners to the petals
    • Warning: Let these cool down and dry before handling since the glue is VERY hot; also hot glue on a surface that will not catch on fire, I used tin foil, since glue will leak out of the gun

    Step 6: Construct the Headband

    1. Using the box cutter, make small holes in the headband where you marked in step 4
      • Warning: Box cutters are very sharp, do not hold very you can accidentally poke yourself through the fabric!
    2. Poke the excess pipe cleaners through the holes and twist the ends underneath
    3. Lay a thick layer of tape where the pipe cleaners are in the headband
      • Warning: The ends of the pipe cleaners may be pointy and can scratch their heads. This step is for added protection
    4. Put on the cats' head and adjust petals

    Step 7: Assemble the Outfit

    1. Wrap cape strands around neck and make a know
      • Warning: Wrap loosely so you do not choke your kitty!
    2. If you took off the headband, put it back on!
    3. Strut your cat around the block with their new cat costume!
      • Tip: Do not have your cat wear the costume for a long period of time if the cat is uncomfortable/stressed

    You now have a cute flower costume for your cat. Your cat has a green stem back with long flower petals and looks absolutely adorable. I would recommend for your cat to get use to wear the costume, to put it on at least once a week for at least a few minutes. You don't want to have it on too long, where you will stress your cat which can cause complications to their health. Once your cat gets comfortable in the costume, you will get to use it all the time and impress everyone with your crafty costume.



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      3 years ago on Introduction

      I suppose it helps to have a tolerant kitty. Mine would never make it past the tape measure.

      10 replies

      3 years ago

      so cute, i could make this, but my cat would kill me if i tried to put it on him. lol