How to Create a Multi-Colored Granny Square Blanket

Introduction: How to Create a Multi-Colored Granny Square Blanket

Are you tired of your eyes beginning to bleed as you read descriptions of patterns that you don't understand? Would you much rather have something simple that can easily be remembered and done? Do you want people looking at you as if you have made the greatest creation of all time? This easily done Granny Square Blanket is MUCH simpler than the others... It doesn't include all of those tiny little squares! Follow along for a simple and easy way to have your blanket adored. 

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Step 1: Beginning and Shaping

First, tie a slip knot around the needle. Ensure the needle is g sized; but any size will do as long as it is not to thick nor too thin.
**Being really thick will make the blanket loose and being really thin will make the stitches too tight.

Once a nice, secure slip knot is tied, chain 6.

Go back into the first hole without grabbing the material, or the line that is connected to the ball of yarn. There should be two loops on the needle. Grab the material and bring it through both loops.

Wrap the material around the needle, to where there are two loops again on the needle. Push needle into the center of what you just made. Grab a piece of material with hook of needle and pull it through the circle. There should be three loops on the needle.

Grab another piece of material and hook it. Pull it through the first two loops on the needle. You should have two loops. Grab material and pull through last two loops. That was a double stitch, which is what will be used during the majority of this blanket.

Crochet 2 more double stitches so you will have 3 double stitches, all coming out of the center. Chain up 2. This is making a makeshift corner. Make 3 more double stitches. Chain up 2. Double Crochet 3. Chain up 2. Double Crochet 3. There should be 3 rounded sides and a corner that looks dropped off.

Chain 2. Go to the first double stitch and crochet three double stitches. Chain 2, then go to the next hole/ corner and do 3 more double stitches. Then chain 2, go back into that same hole, and do three more double stitches. This is the replacement of the makeshift corner. this will be done at every end, until the blanket is finished.

Go to the next corner and repeat the previous step: double crochet 3, chain 2, double crochet 3 all in the same hole. After this corner, there should be another squared side. Repeat for the next two corners. Once this is done, there are should be three holes on each side. The number of holes will increase as your blanket gets bigger. Since there are three holes, only two are going to only do the corner strategy on the first and the third. The middle is going to be just 3 double stitches. Do this in every hole that is not a corner. Continue to making blanket as big as possible. Everything should be uniform from here on.

With the holes that are not in the corners:
Just do three double stitches and go on to the next hole that is not a corner. This is just making the blanket bigger. However, when turning corners, go back to the previous steps: 3 double stitches, chain 2, 3 more double stitches, then on to the next hole.

Step 2: Changing Colors

Go to the end of the current row. Double Crochet 3 and cut yarn. Leave enough space to tie to a different color of yarn. tie new color to the old color. Chain 2, double stitch 3, and continue on. After you have done some, cut off the excess yarn. However, do not cut too short or the blanket will unravel. Double Crochet 3 more, and then continue with the pattern.

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