How to Create the Perfect Signature

Introduction: How to Create the Perfect Signature

Hello, today I will be teaching you how to create the perfect signature that you will be able to use in your life. This will help you to be able to write your signature and not feel like it looks bad, or isn't sufficient to your own personal needs.

Step 1: The Perfect Capital Initials

The initials of your name need to be BIG, very explosive, it gives you that sense of importance and feeling of worth. Make sure that what ever you write it needs to be fluent in motion, not stopping. If you stop, you need to not try to continue to write the letter, it looks really bad and immature. Like you are not confident in your writing.

Now, your writing needs to be cursive. If you don't know cursive, I can't stress enough how much you need to go learn it. Its the writing of life. Now if you don't know cursive, YOU MUST CONNECT YOUR LETTERS. The fluent motion should always be connected in the name. It is ok for you to not connect the initial to the other letters of your name, it actually looks better.

Step 2: The Letters of Your Name

The letters of your name should be connected at all times unless your are choosing to have an all capital signature. Also add in a lot of curves. It looks really good.

Step 3: Signature Marks

If you want that special look to your signature, add in some special marks to make your name look more fancy. Such could be like rapping your last letter around the name or adding some lines to the bottom. Maybe even a smiley face.

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