How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken



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If you break down your own chicken, it will not only cost less, it also makes you look like a badass!

The basics are sometimes the things we overlook and believe me I’m as guilty for that as anyone else.

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Step 1: Start Off by Turning It Over and Pulling Back the Wing.

Slice around the base before pulling the bone out the sock and cutting through.

Repeat on the other wing.

Step 2: Next We Need Remove the Wish Bone

This step isn’t crucial but will make a big difference when you go to remove the breasts.

Run the knife along the outside of the wishbone, then using your finger pull the wishbone away from the meat, meeting at the top.

Pull the wishbone forward to remove.

Step 3: Ay the Chicken on It’s Back and Slice Between the Thigh and the Breast

All your doing is cutting the skin.

Turn the chicken over and cut along the top of the thigh stopping just before the oyster, this little pocket of beautiful meat.

Pull back the thigh and the drumstick, this will release the thigh bone.

Slice through and you have the Maryland.

Repeat on the out thigh and drumstick.

Step 4: Now to Remove the Breasts.

Because we removed the wishbone earlier cutting the breast away become easier.

Slice down one side the of chest bone and then cut along the rib cage.

This will give you nice clean fillets.

Remove any extra skin.

Repeat again on the outside.

Step 5: The Leftovers Should Be Kept to Make Stock!

Step 6: Finally to Breakdown the Thighs and Drumsticks.

Turn them over and you’ll notice a thin line of fat between the drum and the thigh.

This will cut through the joint and avoid you hitting the bones.

Step 7: There You Have! a Chicken Broken Down Down to Eight Pieces.

To get the classic pieces of fried chicken, slice the breasts in half.

Step 8: Chicken Like This Is Perfect for Pan Roast Chicken!

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