How to Design a Good and Eye Catching Logo




Introduction: How to Design a Good and Eye Catching Logo

Before I tell you how to actually design your logo, I have to start with the basics on why stuff goes there, and what will help you get the audience's attention. So, lets get started!

There are many ways for you to make good logos as well as some techniques to help you make them. I will start with the simple things....

But, again, before I start, some Graphic Design websites you can use are:



These websites are easy to use may help you design and have fun with your logo.

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Step 1: Individuality

First, lookout the Starbucks logo above. Can you think of another logo that looks anything like that? So, you want your logo to show individuality, something different from the rest. No other logo design has a mermaid like that. So, something to think about is something is defiantly being different. If your logo looks almost the same as someone else's, then people will get confused.

Another thing to remember it that your logo represents your business. You need to portray your business the way you want the world to see it. For example: to me the Starbucks logo looks calm and relaxing, like their coffee. What do you want your business to say? Think of what you do for your customers. Then, make a design that helps portray that thought. Some examples are listed below:

-Say you're a doctor and your practice needs a logo. Your design could be something like a stethoscope or another medical tool you use often. Also, if the name of your office is a location, then you could include animals or plants from that area. Maybe a Blue Herring for the Chesapeake Bay, or a dolphin if you are near the sea

-Say you and your friend both are in a business together and the name of your business is B and J's Bakery Shop. To express individuality you could include both initials in your logo with a cake or baked dessert in the background.

Step 2: Make It Pop

The next thing you want to do to your logo is make it bright and colorful. You want them to remember you right? Look at the Target logo above. Some what colorful? So, add a little color to your design. Make it creative and have fun. If it is bland and boring, no one will stop to take a look. Since that is what we want, add the color! Here are some examples on how to add color to your logo:

- Say you own a hair salon and you need a logo with color. You could have a bunch of hair tools and products in a circle, and each one could be a different color. That would be a creative and fun logo that is colorful and tells your audience what you do!

- Say you own a lawn mowing company for your community and you want a interesting logo with enough color so people will look and remember you. You could have a patch of grass with your company name underneath as a logo.


I know when you hear the word colorful you may think neon or bright color, but you shouldn't even use neon in your logo unless it would make it look good. Sometimes all you need is a few light colors to make your logo fun, catchy, and creative!

Step 3: Design Flow

The last tip I want to give you is this: MAKE YOUR DESIGN FLOW!!! You can't have a two objects standing next to each other without some kind of attachment. Look at the Washington State Cougars logo above. I think it flows very well. It presents to the audience the two things we need to see: the W S for Washington State and the cougar for the animal they represent. When making your logo flow creativity is needed. You need to think outside the box to find a new way to present to your customers or audience what you want to say.It doesn't always have to be as cool as the Washington State Cougars logo about, but you can't put a few things in random places and call it a day. Here is an example of how to make your design flow nicely:

-Say you own a company that puts up blinds and curtains in peoples houses and you need a logo that flows. One design that comes to the top of my head is this: a window with curtains that are draw back with a string and the company name in the center of the window. You have something in the center, nothing is out of place.

Step 4: Find the Central Motif

To find the central motif all you do is find what will be the main part of your design. Is it going to be the company's name, a catchy phrase, or maybe a tool you use? Remember this is the main part of your design, so make it represent you and you company.

Step 5: Choose a Good Font

Above there is a cool font. Remember, recognizing fonts is almost as good as the actual logo, so if you need to use a font make it fun and creative!

Step 6: Design

Once you find a central motif and good font, then it is time for you to actually design it. Remember the tips I told you in the beginning, and good luck!

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    Eonian BrandI

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    Have a look at Our Logo Design portfolio:


    3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips. I'm still struggling to choose the right design/logo. Because each time I think that I'm nearly finished, I have new ideas and then I start creating a new one.