How to Design an Awesome Flyer

Introduction: How to Design an Awesome Flyer

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A flyer is something which is a great way to advertise but if it isn’t done properly, it can fall flat very quickly. Therefore it is vitally important that you have a flyer design that just can’t be ignored. Take a quick look at some of the tips which can help you with your flyer design.

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Step 1: KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

It’s important that you know your content before you start designing your flyer. Understand that a good flyer should have apt information but don’t go overboard and fill it up unnecessarily. Avoid using chunky texts and also just because bullet points are easy to read, don’t go nuts with it. Ensure that your message is down to the crucial points and is organised so that one can read it properly and understand what it is about. Same goes for the flyer design as well; don’t use too many colours and balance placements of your text and visual.

Step 2: Go Easy With the Images in Your Flyer Design

Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should! We know as designers you have the capability to blend in images perfectly but don’t end up making the flyer design too busy. Apply the rule of thirds here where you divide the flyer size into thirds horizontally and vertically. This will help you decide how to place your text and visuals. Take the points where your lines intersect and these become your focal areas. Whatever is important and vital to your flyer, place it at these intersections because it is said and observed that elements that are closer to these intersections usually stand our more and easily catch one’s attention.

Step 3: Remember That the Headline Is the “head Line” in Your Flyer Design

Understand the importance of headline in your flyer; in fact understand its importance at all times. Headline is what will attract your target’s attention and these are the deciding factors as to whether one wants to read ahead or just give it a pass. A headline should make the reader feel that they are in the right place and that they would want to continue reading further. In other words, a headline can pass or fail your flyer design in one single go.

Step 4: Legibility of the Text Is As Important As the Flyer Design

For a flyer to be successful one needs to ensure that the graphics are apt and interesting while the text also has to be given due attention. One needs to understand that making the flyer look good isn’t enough, but the information which the flyer aims at spreading should be clear and understandable. Therefore, ensure that the font of the flyer design is legible and as a standard avoid using a font size lesser than 10, although at times for the address and contact information, you might have to go in a little lower but always check if the font is readable. Do take a print of the flyer in actual size to get a proper idea of the legibility.

Step 5: Finish Up Strong and Well

Once your flyer design is ready ensure that everything is in place, text is readable and graphics aren’t over powering. Also, ensure that you’ve added the contact address and other important details in your flyer.

The end product should be a perfect amalgamation of good content and striking visual so that it is effective and can help you achieve your goal.

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    Nice design tips. A good flyer really is the best way to get people to your events.