How to Do a Roll Dive in Volleyball (for Experienced Players)

Introduction: How to Do a Roll Dive in Volleyball (for Experienced Players)

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This instructable explains the steps to execute a one-handed dive with a roll at the end in order to save a volleyball during a game. The roll helps to recover quickly from saving a short ball in the middle of a raly and to efficiently get up off the ground and out of the way of any teammates.

Materials needed:
-knee pads
-volleyball shoes
-a shirt that can get some dust on it
-hair put up in a pony tail
-may (not necessary, personal preference)
*some materials are shown above

Using knee pads is suggested because doing this may cause bruises on the knees without them. Also keep in mind that you will be rolling over your hip on a hard surface so getting bruises there is natural as well. In the pictures given, a mat was used because the model does not have knee pads so the mat is not necessary unless you want it for going through the process slowly. However, once you start to do it at a normal pace, removing the mat is a good idea because the mat may shift or slow you down if you try to do it normally on top of it.

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Step 1: Dip

Lean forward more until your hands touch the ground.

Step 2: Ready Position

Make sure that you are ready position as if you are going to pass a volleyball.

Step 3: Step Foward

Step forward with your dominant food and push your weight forward enough so that your back foot comes off the ground about 2 inches.

Step 4: Lean

With your dominant foot still forward and slightly off the ground, continue to shift so that your back foot is off the ground more and your chest begins to drop toward the ground.

Step 5: Touch Down

Touch your dominant leg’s knee to the ground and lengthen out your arms so that they are stretched out in front of you. Make sure that your back leg is still up and your head and back are shifted at a down angle toward the ground.

*this step and on are when you will possible use the mat if you want.

Step 6: Extend

Use your knee to push yourself foward like you are sliding on your stomach like a panguin. Legs and arms are out straight while you lay on your stomach.

Step 7: Pull Arm Back

While on the ground, keep you dominant arm outstretched and pull your non-dominant hand back towards your ribs.

Step 8: Push Over

Using the arm that you pulled back, Place your hand and the ground and begin to turn over.

Step 9: Roll

Continue to roll over your hip and onto your back then touch your legs under you so that you can quickly stand up.

Step 10: Connect the Dots

After going through each step slowly and multiple times, try to speed the process up until you can do it all in one fluid motion. Then try adding in someone tossing a ball in front of you and try to save it.

*this is the time when you would want to remove the mat if you were ever using one.

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