How to Draw a Female

im kinda new at art but I thought it would be good for a instuctable.plz dont get mad if I drew it wrong

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Step 1: Draw the Head

first,you draw a circle doesnt matter if its kinda crooket.then you draw two lines on the side connecting in the middle of the page make sure you add a t shape to draw the face correctly but dont draw the face just yet

Step 2: Step 2

draw two short lines on the side of the head for the neck.draw a long line with a curve at the end.once your done with that,draw a line that goes inward and the same to the other side.then,draw to lines downward.

Step 3: Step 3:fishing Touch

draw the legs it doesnt have to look like mine,just try your best!once your done with he legs,go back to the head and draw the eyes.then,draw the arms.for beginners you should try just drawing srait lines for arms.then draw the hair and clothes and vaola!you drew a female!

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