How to Eat Bottle of Coke???????




Introduction: How to Eat Bottle of Coke???????

Step 1: To Do a Giant Gummy Cola Bottle You Need!!!

In this video I show you how to Do It Yourself Giant Gummy Cola Bottle - is an easy recipe for everyone.
What you will need:
- For the DIY bottle form - Coca-Cola Bottle (500 ml), scissors and scotch.
- For DIY Cola Jelly - Coca-Cola (1 mug (500ml)), 60g of unflavored gelatin.

Step 2: If You Want to Know How to Make Giant Gummy Coca-Cola Bottle - Just Follow My Video Cooking Tutorial Step by Step.

Step 3: Try My Recipe and Create Your Own Tastes With Other Soda or Jelly Flavor.

Step 4: Giant Gummy Cola Bottle Is Ready!!!!!!!

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    37 Discussions

    i like this site and so does my mom

    Can it be made vegetarian?

    can it be made with cherry jello to make it taste like Cherry Coke?

    1 reply


    wow that is so clever why don't you make a mtn dew one


    2 years ago

    Man, I am so making this.

    that's nice

    Hahaha now i'm hungry. Very fun idea.

    2 the pic after removing the label, what are you inserting into the bottom of the bottle? and what is the purpose of all the tape?

    2 replies

    nkemp51, She doesn't write much (both here and the youtube video), but if you watch the video, she cuts the bottle along the side and then tape it back together again. this is to make it easier to open without ruining the gummy jello..

    It's a nice idea.. i might make one but without the coke.. :)
    A couple of suggestions: handy to to put some notes on the video ("40gr gelatin", "cook for xx minutes", etc) AND here on each step of your ibles..
    Instead of sticky tape, i'd try using cling wrap, they stick pretty good and easy to open.. Or, if insisting on sticky tape: i bet only one layer is needed along the side..

    Well, in our experience one level of sticky tape is not enough at all - it all gets unstuck when it gets wet right away. So, either a lot of layers of sticky tape or (as we did too) plastic wrap fixed by sticky tape from outside.

    Oh, man, I'll have to try this!
    I bet orange soda would work really well, too.

    2 replies

    LOL was just thinking orange crush would be good for this.

    Hahaha I'm going to try this and take it to school!

    Just the reaction of my classmates only would be hilarious! :)