How to Fix a Weed Eater - Carburetor Cleaning

We have all had a time where are weed eater just wouldn't start. So we dump it in the car to go to the small engine repair shop so we can spend money, a lot of money. Little did we know that fixing this pesky, no good weed eater was extremely simple and required no tools.

Note: This will work on blowers, edger, trimmers, hedge trimmers, any 2-stroke engines

Step 1: Tools

Alright, this list is very hard to remember. You might want to press that share button and email this list to yourself.


Tool Required:

-Flathead Screwdriver

Let me repeat it to pound it into your brain,

-Flathead Screwdriver

That's really the only tool you will need! Everyone has a screwdriver, and if you don't, then well... umm... you get the point.

Step 2: Special Repair Knowledge

This repair requires knowledge, just like any repair. Unlike most small engine repairs, this one requires a special knowledge. Ready to see if you got what it take? Let me have a questionnaire. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you qualify to be smart enough to do this repair.


1. Do you have a pulse?

2. Do you have opposable thumbs?

3. Do you have a degree in advance small engine repair?

Ok, so the last one wasn't necessary, but I ran out of qualifying questions.

Step 3: Get to the Carburetor

To get to the bolt that hold on the carburetor:

1. Remove air filter cover

2. Remove air filter

Consult to the video if you do not understand (it is on the last step)

Step 4: Open the Carburetor

There will be two screws that hold the primer bubble in place.

Unscrew those and it will split the carb in half

Again, consult to the video

Step 5: Unclog the Filter

This is the most important step because this is the only reason why we opened the carburetor.

Of course you can skip this step, but then you just wasted ten minutes and you will need to stop by the repair shop.

Step 6: Put the Carburetor Back Together

All you have to do with this step is repeat the previous steps backwards. Does that make sense??? If it doesn't you might as well pack up the pieces in a box and take it to a small engine repair shop to give them a $100 dollar bill.... Or you could just watch the video on the next step.

Step 7: Finished

Now that your weed eater is put together, it should fire up.

This will work if you can start your weed eater, but it will shut off. Most likely it will not fix a weed eater that doesn't start up at all. If that is your case try this and replacing the spark plug.

The Video!!!!!

All the previous steps are shown in this video

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    7 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago on Step 1

    I really need your help I've always been able to work on cars lawnmowers weedeater etc I've done mechanic work all my life But now I'm stumped I have a Cub Cadet BC280 weed eater new fuel lines new primer button and new spark plug only way I can get to start pour gas in carberater put full choke when it try to start put half choke but when it runs gas out that I pour straight in carberater it dies and won't start until I pour in more gas one another thing weird if i press primer button it really don't want to pop back into place and doesn't want pull up gas but if I untighten screws on primer button after I prime couple times button immediately jumps in place and fills primer bulb full of gas please please help me


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I just replaced the carburator on my Ryobi weed eater, it starts ans runs good then dies. It will only run with the choke on.


    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    How do you unclog the screen filter? I removed the screen and it is clogged, you can't see through it at all, but how do you clean it?


    2 years ago

    my Echo 225 keeps stalling every 30 seconds won't rev high or cuts out right away. Someone suggested a carb kit but that sound complicated. It had bad gas and would not start over the winter I put gas stab leister and a carb type cleaner, now it starts but cuts out right away. If you think this will work i will try it. What about a gas filter?


    3 years ago

    that was very instructive and make to save $ 70.00 pieces, thanks for posting this kind of help for everybody.


    4 years ago

    Thanks! But..... I wish you had been about 12 hours earlier in posting this, lol. I took apart my weed eater carb for the first time - having no idea what I was doing - and found the problem to be a clogged tiny round screen filter, exactly as you said.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I am glad you took the courage to take on the repair by your self. It is that first repair that will lead to the next one, and the next one. How did it feel to be saving money?!? Don't forget ot subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, and more ibles