How To: Garry's Mod Fusion Bomb





Introduction: How To: Garry's Mod Fusion Bomb

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This is a fun Thing to make. It is made alot in garry's mod servers that have life support.

It is called the fusion bomb and it will live up to it's name when you make it.


Garry's mod
Life Support
Some patience
phx (optional)

The map is RP_omgcity_final

This was brought to my attention by DEATHTRUTH of YouTube on his video Fusionbomb Tutorial.

Step 1: Spawning Components.

Ok now follow carefully to this. i added what you need to spawn.

Step 2: Linking.

Your almost done. you just need to link them all together but they need to be linked in this order.

Step 3: Finishing Touches.

this is the long part. you need to wait for a certain amount of time till the cache reaches over 200,000 energy.



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    Well thats good news but i did this many because to increase the damage or debris. (mostly everything is vaporized anyway)

    all you need is actually 2 "large energy cells"(100 000 energy together) and one "fusion generator"

    Thats cool but you must have life support (spacebuild2 pack) in order to make this. phx is optional but is necessary

    I'll have to show my friend Mac this. He is obsessed with nukes, so he should love this. Seriously, he is. He started a Steam group called the Gmod Nuke Society.