How to Get an Outdoor TV on Your RV the Easy Way

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We always saw the big fancy campers with their big speakers and outdoor TV's. We were envious and a little jealous of course. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting around the campfire as much as the next guy. But it was always so cool to look over and see another family watching Star Wars under the stars.

For years I thought that was unattainable in our old 2001 Winnebago. But I've discovered the solution! And it works in any RV with an outdoor cabinet. You don't need some weird shaped outdoor cabinet for it to work either. Plus it's super easy and cheap! I was able to finish this thing in under 2 hours for less than $40.

Enough chat. Let's get to it so we can watch Star Wars tonight!

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Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: Preparation

You'll want ton find an outdoor cabinet that suites your needs. Ideally it'll be on the right side of your coach and it needs to be able to fit your TV lying down.

We were also lucky enough to already have power and cable inside an outdoor cabinet. If you don't have that you'll at least need to run an electrical outlet. If you don't have cable you can just always watch movies.

You'll also need a table to put your TV on you can just put it on the floor. Again, we were lucky because our coach already had a pull out table.

Step 3: Build It

Building is pretty simple. Use the plywood to create a shelf that is just a bit wider and a bit taller than your TV. You're going to be sliding you TV under the shelf to protect it and still have room to store things above it.

If you like this and want to learn more about RV living check out my website at

Step 4: Carpet It

Use your spray adhesive to attach the carpet to your shelf. Fold it over and cut it so that it looks nice and neat. You don't have to do this step but I think it makes it look much nicer plus it'll prevent scratching the TV.

Step 5: Install and Enjoy!

Install your shelf into your cabinet. Just place it there really, there's no need to screw it down or anything. You can pile stuff on top of the shelf and still slide your TV in and out.

Now whenever you want to watch TV just get the table up, slide the TV out, and plug it in! Now you're watching Star Wars like those other fancy rigs.

It really makes RVing more fun! You can't stare into a fire very single night but you also don't want to be stuck indoors while you're camping. This is a great way to get quality entertainment in the great outdoors!


If you like this and want to learn more about RV living check out my website at

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