How to Improve Your 3D Printer ?

Introduction: How to Improve Your 3D Printer ?

How to increase the print speed of your 3D printer?

How to prevent clogging / blocking your 3D print head?

How effectively cool your engines and extruders?

Here are three questions that a 3D printer owner can ask.

Indeed, who has never had this kind of problem?

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Step 1: Corking

It is common, especially when changing filament that it remains stuck in the head. This is due to poor cooling of the transition area between the heating part and the radiator.

Ensuring a strong cooling immediately after the transition area, it is ensured that the temperature rise from, for example 200 ° C (b) 50 ° C (a) only 3 to 4 mm long. This rapid drop in temperature prevents the filament (especially for the PLA that a low melting point) sticking in the transition zone and blocks the head.

Step 2: Speed

Sometimes when printing, the printed part is wasted because the motor did not follow the movement instructions. The reason is that the motors X, Y or Z are heated and thus their torque (force) has fallen too. Having a strong torque, ensures heavy loads at high speeds.

With good cooling, it can retain at least 20% torque throughout the engine operating time. Is then increased lifetime, the speed, acceleration and the reliability of the machine.

Step 3: Solution

To overcome these problems, the solution is to install a water cooling system on engines. A simple fan would not work because it would only blow hot air (if the engine is operating in a hot environment (> 25 ° C) on a hot engine. The air cooling system is much less effective than the water cooling system.

The proposed circuit is capable of maintaining the water temperature at about 20 ° c to a temperature outside the machine near 20 ° C.

The photo is an example of a cooling circuit of a motor and a print head. It is possible to put in series or in parallel circuit elements. For simplicity reasons, the series arrangement is preferable.

The circuit is composed of:

a) A PVC tank

b) Deionized water

c) A 12V water pump - 400 liters / hour (8mm input/output diameter)

d) 40x40x12mm radiators - 8mm connector - Aluminium

e) A heater for printhead

f) The 6mm hose inside / outside 8mm

g) The 8mm hose inside / outside 10mm

h) 4 brass fittings 6mm - 1/8 male gas (brass barb pair 6mm-1/8 pcs wrong)

i) water radiator 240mmx120mm

j) 2 120mm 12V fans

k) 10 clips for 8mm tube

l) 6 clips for tube 10mm

m) 6 6mm fittings / 8mm male

Step 4: The Kit

On the website you will find all the parts described in this article as well as a complete set for 5 engines and an extrusion head.

a) 5 40x40x12mm radiators - 8mm connector - Aluminium

b) A radiator for printhead

c) A special nozzle 0.5mm

d) A heating body

e) Two heating cartdrige 40W / 12V

f) A PTFE tube

g) A quick BSP 4mm / M5

h) A PTFE tape

i) A hardware kit for head

j) 5 meters of hose 6mm indoor / outdoor 8mm

k) 20cm 8mm pipe inside / outside 10mm

l) A radiator water 240mmx120mm

m) 2 120mm 12V fans

n) 4 brass fittings 6mm - 1/8 male gas (brass barb pair 6mm-1/8 pcs wrong)

o) 18 clips for 8mm tube

p) 14 clips tube 10mm

q) 14 fittings 6mm / 8mm male

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    4 years ago

    indeed, it is not very accurate, but sufficient a priori.
    I lack the time to do more. Must juggle family life, my main job (that is other than that shown on my website) and my website with my father.
    I'll try to complete.
    What would be missing in your opinion?


    4 years ago

    I have no particular product to sell. I provide ideas, advice, and for those who want a kit.
    To be sincere, we hope do we know a little more.
    The main is to give to the community.


    Reply 4 years ago

    i said what i said becaus

    this instruction isnt a full instruction
    it is more like this kit has this funktion and these parts


    4 years ago

    this feels like a shameless comercial for one of your products