How to Inflate Air Mattress Without Pump

Introduction: How to Inflate Air Mattress Without Pump

No pump to inflate airbed? Use hairdryer instead.

Step 1:

Watch video for more details.

If you don't see video, please follow [this link]

You will need:

  • air mattress
  • hair dryer

Take a hair dryer, set it to cold mode and use it to inflate air mattress. Quick and simple.



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3 Discussions

what a great idea! I have an exercise ball that I hav never inflated. this is worth a try!

Yeah! This is really smart. And solves a big problem for me since we've somehow wound up with two air mattresses and no pumps. :P


2 years ago

What a great idea to do things that usually takes a fairly long time! Now I can definitely save some labor and time.