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Introduction: How to Make 12 Volt Battery Charger Unconventional

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How to make 12v battery charger unconventional is an instructable tutorial on how to make a 12v battery charger

at home different than a regular 12-volt auto charger.

This 12v charger is intended for lead-acid battery most commonly used in automotive industry and known as an automotive battery.

An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical energy to a motor vehicle also known as

autostart battery, but many people did find out that this type of battery can be used in solar applications and in off-grid situations, NOT RECOMMENDED,but the price is very attractive so lots of people rely on this 12v lead acid batteries to store energy from solar or wind.

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Step 1: 12v Battery Life Expectancy

A 12-volt car battery life expectancy varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the way you use it, charging procedure, discharging, and many more factors.

The life expectancy for your car battery is typically between four to six years. Several factors determine how long your battery will last, for example, weather conditions, vehicle type, and driving habits. There are, however, several key pointers you can utilize to help increase the life expectancy of your car battery.

1. Use a charger if you are doing short trips daily (1/mounth)

2. Check Level of electrolyte

3. Check connection for rust

4. Chech with a multimeter +and - terminal for short

5. Low voltage alarm

6. Constant monitor the voltage (car auto voltage meter)

Step 2: 12v Battery Voltage Chart

In this 12v battery chart, there is the value optimal/critical of a usual 12v lead acid battery, and the related lead-acid batteries,6v-12v-24v used in other applications then car automotive industry.This type of battery can be encountered in UPS(Uninterruptable power supply), you can use them for inverters, and more application that needs a reservoir of energy.

Fully charged automotive batteries should measure at 12.6 volts or above. When the engine is running, this measurement should be 13.7 to 14.7 volts. If you don't have a multimeter to tell you the voltage of your battery, you can do a test of your electrical system by starting the car and turning on the headlights.

In a car 12v battery, the charger is the alternator that provides 14v DC to charge the battery with the help of a bridge rectifier and charge control build in.

*Quick tip if your battery has the voltage between 12v-13v with the engine running most likely is not charging!

Step 3: Build the 12v Battery Charger

Alright that was a bit of theory about the 12v battery and now we are here and we are asking how to charge a 12v battery? If you are using this type of batteries just in your car and you have a dedicated auto 12v battery charger

this project is not for you.This project is intended for those people that want to learn a little more about charging a 12v battery without a normal charger, potential difference, and did you know that you can draw a charge from 2 positive/negative terminals?

Parts necessary for our unconventional 12v battery charger:

-Laptop charger (19v)

-Auto bulb (12v)

That's all we need friends nothing more !!! Is it not unconventional battery charger ??

Step 4: Universal 12v Battery Charger

According to the diagram, we can change this 12 volt battery charger for our car battery into a universal lead acid battery charger but just for 12v but different amps reading.

In the picture above we have connected the 12v auto bulb in series with our laptop charger, the bulb was the attribute of current limitter so if our bulb is 5w we have 5w/12v=0.41A going to the battery so if our laptop charger

can deliver we can change the 12v bulb and we can adjust the current going to the 12v battery giving us the possibility to use with a smaller lead-acid battery.

5w 0.4Amps

10w 0.8Amps

approx because there are losses in the wires in the bulb and the chemistry of the battery

Step 5: 12v Battery Charging Secrets

In order to find how this 12v battery charger works or if you want to see it in action click the link

incredible 12v battery charger and always keep in mind that this effect it's not random behind it is pure physics

In conclusion, to make a 12v battery charger it's not that difficult if you know the architecture of the lead acid battery

and know its limits.To charge a 12v battery in a safe manner you should consider 14C 14 rates of charge

remember this number and when you will want to make a battery charger for lead acid battery divide it with the battery rated capacity and you will have the value of safe charging your battery.

Battery 50AH/14=3.57A/HOUR for a period of 14 hours.

Thanks all for reading and see you on the channelNOSKILLSREQUIRED

All the best and use your imagination!

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