How to Make AVR Programer! ATTiny Programer ! Make USBasp

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Hi guy the project today ''How to Make AVR Programer! ATTiny Programer ! Make USBasp from ATmega 8''

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Step 1: Watch This Video

This is my video on youtube. In this video i have show you How to Make AVR Programer! ATTiny Programer ! Make USBasp. I had show the schematic,gerber file and frimware for ATMEGA 8 ( USBasp).

Step 2: Order PCB Online or Make by Your Hand at Home

I find the AVR Programer on google, and i had find one at but i don't like this schematic.So i had make one, this board i make have 28 pin socket for avr, 8 pin socket for Attiny and header for connect with any AVR board.You can easy make this PCB by upload the gerber file to JLCPCB.COM with high quality and get 10PCB for 2$ .$2/10 PCBs & Big Discount on First order Shipping

The schematic :

The Gerber file :

The hex file for Attmega 8 ( USBasp frimware) :

Step 3: Solder PCB and Test With ATTiny 13 and ATmega 8

After order the part we need to solder the part to PCB. It very easy because we have the name of part on the TOP of PCB. I test this PCb with ATmega 8 ATTiny 13 and it works good. Hope you like my project. Check more video at my youtube channel:

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Question 8 months ago on Introduction

Hello sir iam JP from India. I watching your chanel , I have some questions, I makes a avr zif docket programmer using usbasp ( atmega8) .and complete the PCB and load the Hex to atmega8. When I connecting to my desktop computer the usbasp not detecting . Iam using windows 7 os. Can you help me complete the installation knowledge . Iam waiting for your reply my email address is my hearty congratulations for your feedback