How to Make Christmas Village With Paper

Introduction: How to Make Christmas Village With Paper

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Let's Celebeats this Christmas with this super cute and easy-to-make paper Christmas village. you also can give it as a Christmas souvenir or gift.

Enjoy your Christmas with this beautiful decoration. It looks so gorgeous. You can easily make this Christmas paper houses at your home.


For this DIY you just need

1.White Chart Paper

2.Craft Knife

3.White glue

4.Fairy Light

5.White Board (for the base)

6. Cut out Templets (from my video description)

7.Hot Glue Gun

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Step 1: Cut the House Template

First, you have to cut out a house from a templet ...

Download Christmas Paper House Templates here :

Step 2: Fold the Template

Fold the template according to your cut out.

Step 3: House No.1

Glue the folded part ...and your paper house is ready...

Step 4: Download the House No.2 Templates

According to the first one same way to download the House no. 2 templates and cut it

Download link :

Step 5: Fold the Template

Fold the template according to your cut out. And your House no.2 is ready

Step 6: Christmas Tree Template

Download or draw the temple as it is shown.

Download Link:

Step 7: 3D Christmas Tree

By following this process you can create a 3D Christmas Tree

Step 8: Houses and Trees for Christmas Village

By using those templates you can create all these village stuff.

Step 9: Base Making

Making a base with a Mount Board and fairy lights.

Step 10: Let's Organised the Village With Glue Gun

Place those houses and trees according to your choice.

Step 11: Finally

Finally, our Christmas Village is ready. As you can see its look beautiful. I hope this will enhance the beauty of Christmas. Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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