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Introduction: How to Make Crayon Candles | Room Decor DIY

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to make a colorful candle using crayons! This DIY is perfect to decorate your room with a pop of color. I really hope you try it and enjoy this tutorial.
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Step 1: Candle Holder and Wick

Materials: Candle Holder and Wick

Instructions: Apply hot glue to the bottom of the wick and place it on the center of the glass.

Step 2: Candle Wax & Paper Cups

Materials: Candle Wax & Paper Cups

Instructions: Place pieces of scented candle wax in a microwavable paper cup.

Step 3: Crayons

Materials: Crayons

Instructions: Select your favorite color of crayon, break it into pieces and place it in the paper cup. Then, microwave it for 30 seconds and finally mix it.

Step 4: Pouring the First Colored Wax

Materials: Glass Holder or Big Eraser

Instructions: Place the glass in a diagonal position and pour the first mix of colored wax. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

Step 5: Pouring the Second Colored Wax

Instructions: Repeat Step 3 with a new color of crayon. Once the first wax is dry, turn the glass around and pour the second colored wax. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

Step 6: Pouring the Third Colored Wax.

Instructions: Place the glass on a flat surface, repeat Step 3 with a new color of crayon and pour the last colored wax. Then, let it dry for 25 minutes. Finally, you have your own crayon candle!
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    21 Discussions

    Wow! That looks really cool!

    Where do you get the wicks?

    Hi Ale! You should consider entering the Crafting 101 Contest! Big prizes, girl! Good luck :)

    I'd seen one of these made on YouTube, and when it was lit it didn't burn past the wax. Is crayon wax suitable for candles, or is this more decorative than practical?

    nice!but iv watched other tutorials and they said that a hole forms in the middle,and that you have to add more wax but using a microwave was smart!

    3 replies

    I like it. I have never seen a candle made like that before

    Nice job. What a great simple idea.