How to Make DIY MARBLE Run Machine From Cardboard Science Project at HOME




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Materials you will need-




-100 RPM DC Motor

-B.O. Motor wheel

-DC motor speed controller


-Coloured card paper


-Foldable cardboard

-Long wooden sticks

Step 1: Take a 50cm * 20cm Piece of Cardboard. Place a Cardboard Cutout of the Measurements As Shown, on It.

Step 2: Place the 100 RPM DC Motor As Shown. Cover Both Sides With Cardboard Pieces.

Step 3: Take the Inside of the B.O. Motor Wheel, and Glue It to a Circular Cardboard Piece As Shown. Place This on the DC Motor. Now, Place a Cardboard Cutout As Shown.

Step 4: Take a Circular Cardboard Piece With 30cm Diameter, and Make the Cuts of the Given Measurements. Take Another Circular Cardboard Piece of 20cm Diameter and Make Similar Cutouts.

Step 5: Place the Circular Cardboard Piece Over the Wheel and Make Sure There Is a 5mm Gap As Shown.

Step 6: Place Cardboard Cutouts As Shown in the Following Images. Now, Place the Circular Cardboard As Shown. Cover the Front With a Circular Cardboard Piece of 10 Cm Diameter.

Step 7: Make the Connections As Shown Between the Motor, Battery and Speed Controller. Place the Battery and Controller on the Cardboard and Cover It Up As Shown.

Step 8: Take a Circular Coloured Card Paper of the Given Measurements, Cut It As Shown to Make a Funnel Type Shape. Apply Tape on the Cut.

Step 9: Take a Circular Cardboard Piece of 14 Cm Diameter, and Make a 12 Cm Wide Hole As Shown. Remove the Upper Layer of the Cardboard.

Step 10: Cut at Regular Intervals of the Card Paper. Fold Through the Cuts As Shown. Now Stick the Circular Cardboard As Shown on the Paper. Make 2 Such Pieces.

Step 11: Take a 2.5cm Wide Foldable Cardboard and Roll It Around the Circular Cardboard. Insert the Long Wooden Sticks Through the Paper As Shown.

Step 12: Use Small Cardboard Pieces to Fix the Sticks on the Cardboard As Shown. Cut the Extra Portion of the Sticks and Apply Super Glue to Fix Them.

Step 13: Make the Marble Flow As Shown in the Following Images.

Step 14: Label As Desired. the Marble Run Machine Is Ready!



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    4 days ago

    Very nice, I like marble run machines :)