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Intro: How to Make EMP Gun !

Hello my dear friends. EMP is one of the most popularly used sci-fi gadget in movies. It is not only a science fiction concept it is real and you can make it from very common household items. So today I am going to show you. EMP gun .

EMP device stands for electromagnetic pulseEMP devices can damage any electronic devices or disturbed there working. Please be careful while making this EMP Gun. Also make sure that use of EMP is illegal in some areas. I am making this device for pure educational purposes to know the effect of EMP on day to day consumer electronics. Please do not use for destructive uses i will be not responsible for any damage.

See This EMP Gun In Action !

Step 1: How It Works !

This EMP Gun works on the principle of Electromagnetism EMP devices use high voltage generator that will convert 3.7 volt into few thousand volts voltage is further amplified through an passive voltage multipliers then it passed to a electromagnetic coil with the help of spark gap This coil that will produce high frequency electromagnetic pulses. it is possible to increase the range an the output power.with the use of capacitor connected to a coil will increase the power output of an emp. You can see in my demonstration i showed Watch , stopwatch,RFID tag,memory cards nothing got survived .

The Intensity magnetic field created by EMP gun get Induced into the circuitry of this electronic devices which basically induces the voltages all over the circuit. So you will never know what will happen. Either the device memory will reset. or It will permanently damage this device. So be careful. Keep your electronic devices far away !

Step 2: Things You Will Need !

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1) Bug Zapper Racket

2) Toy Gun

3) Tactile Button

4) Soldering Iron

5) Wire

Material You Will Need

1. A Bug Zapper Racket , usually used to kill mosquito's , We wiill use its high voltage generator.

2. You Will Need half meters of 1sqmm thick piece of insulated wire to make an coil , alternately if you want more range out of it you can use enameled copper wire and as many turns you want .


1. A Soldering Iron

2. soldering Wire

3. Bit of a time with patience ! Please Wait For The gif's to load in this instructables !

Step 3: Let's Make EMP Gun !

1.OK friends so start by taking apart your bug zapper racket using your screwdriver ,inside you will find. a high voltage generator circuit.We are going to use this high voltage generator circuit along with the battery.

2. Now take 1 sq mm wire. Make a coil as shown in the picture

3.In my design I removed the output capacitor to limit the output power ! but you can Keep the capacitor as it is.

4. Solder one output wire of coil to High Voltage generator and form of spark gap using other output wire as shown in the picture above. you may need to fix the wire at a distance , Keep in mind that this gap decides output Frequency of your EMP gun closer to wires are higher the frequency will be and vice-versa so you may need to tweak the distance In between them ,I found that to 1 millimeters distance work best for me.

5. OK To make a Handle for EMP Gun I am going to use my old Toy Gun as a handle and Stick all the parts together with bit of a hot glue .

6. I also extended the push button switch so i can use it as a real EMP Gun !

Step 4: Please Do Not...

Please Do Not... point the gun at anything , it can cause real and permanent damage .

Instead You can Watch me testing this gun . be safe and act safe have a good learning !

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    33 Discussions


    7 months ago

    Anyone worried about pace makers and the EMI field generated by an EMP need not to worry. There are many sources of EMI interacting with pacemakers. Magnetic
    resonance imaging creates real problem and should be avoided in
    pacemaker patients. Cellular phones might be responsible for EMI when
    they were held on the same side with the pacemaker. Otherwise they don't
    cause any specific type of interaction with pacemakers.

    Current PM are relatively immune to EMI because the circuitry is
    shielded inside a hermetically sealed titanium or stainless steel case
    that often has an additional insulative coating. In addition, increased
    use of bipolar leads also decreased the susceptibility of pacing systems
    to EMI. Pacing systems are capable of filtering out some noncardiac
    signals by using bandpass filters that might prevent sensing of external
    signals responsible for EMI.

    So, your PM is safe from EMP interference. A cell phone has more damage to a pm then an EMP.

    Abhijith s

    1 year ago

    Will emp become stronger if number of coils are increased

    1 reply
    SaxetNAbhijith s

    Reply 7 months ago

    No, increasing the capacitor output power(larger capacity(in uF) capacitor) will increase the EMP field power, but you also risk personal harm.


    11 months ago



    1 year ago

    As I see it, this device will be only appreciated by terrorists,
    criminals and nasty little vandals who enjoy causing trouble to other

    Please bear with me if I am missing the point, but why would any normal decent constructive person want to make a gadget that does nothing but destroy other gadgets ?

    7 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    i think its good

    you can learn scientifiacally and think that anything's possible.......

    it is good


    Reply 1 year ago

    Actually, the government itself uses EMP guns to take down cars, to fry laptops carrying sensitive information, et cetera. You are essentially calling the government "terrorists, criminals, and nasty little vandals who enjoy causing trouble to other people." I mean, it may be just me, but I don't think you should comment your worthless, unconstructive opinion if you are a "normal decent constructive person".


    Reply 1 year ago

    I want to make one just as an experiment. I have no malicious reason to have one I just think that it is pretty cool. I'm not saying that it couldn't be used for bad reasons, I'm just saying that as a project it could be fun.


    Reply 1 year ago

    LOL... dont worry this gadget is very weak and can only do harm to little calculaters and such.

    dstech Oncer

    Reply 1 year ago

    I think clearly people need to be EXTREMELY careful with stuff like this. However, that being said, just like people building tesla coils which can be very dangerous, it does also seem like a really cool experiment...and there is some merit in understanding how things like this work. Still, of course I would never advocate using this for malicious purposes or in any setting where there could be someone you are unaware of that has a pacemaker or other electronic medical device implanted...again, extreme caution and awareness is needed.


    1 year ago

    I really like the idea of building a larger scale E.M.P generator for testing purposes. I have been thinking of using a MOT as a high voltage source. However, when I was doing some research, I found that the most common way to generate an electromagneticpulse is via a capacitor bank. Could I use nothing more than a MOT instead of a capacitor bank?


    1 year ago

    i cept mine in the handle


    1 year ago

    Oh fun! Must print out this I'ble for the apocalypse. I don't trust myself to have one of these while laws and such are still in place, but when society collapses, I'll be in business. Thanks!


    1 year ago

    Only a fly zapper and is no more an EMP then a boombox.


    1 year ago

    That's awesome, what would happen if you did it on a phone!

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Just try it with your phone and enjoy.


    1 year ago

    What about pacemakers? You could seriously injure or kill someone fitted with a pacemaker with a device like this.