How to Make Fruit Basket || DIY Basket

This time I tried to make a fruit basket with PVC pipe for the summer vacations.I made it in summer camp. .Its very easy to make,elegant and pretty basket.Its a gift basket too for Christmas or Easter.Its for children's party games also.You may send this diy basket for special occasions.

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Step 1: Cutting and Joining

First take PVC pipe of width 1 inch and 0.75 inch.Cut few pieces of 1 inch and few pieces of 0.75 inch pipe .Assemble all the pieces in a bowl .Now apply super glue or hot glue gun for join the pieces.You have to join front and back on both sides.Remember apply Vaseline on bowl before any glue.

Step 2: Coloring

For coloring I used red spray paint.Apply color on both sides front and back.Leave for dry.Now I used silver color on the edges of the bowl. You have to color on both sides .My DIY fruit basket is ready.

Step 3: Beautiful Pictures

Here are few beautiful pics of fruit basket.

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