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Ir sensor used to dectect any movement made in front of the two sensors which is IR led and photodiode.

The range of Ir sensor can be adjusted using variable resistor(preset) . the range depends on Quality and specification of Ir led and Photodiode used.

Ir sensor can be used for making hobby projects like Line follower robot without using a microcontroller, obctable detector robot or obstacle avoider robot.

Ir sensor can also be used for home automation like automatic water dispenser, automatic sliding door,automatic sliding door.

Since it has wide range of applications it can also be used for security purpose for detecting trespassing and you can create your own applications too.

Step 1: Gather the Components and Tools

1 x 8 pin IC base

1 x LM358

1 x photodiode(5mm)

1 x IR led(5mm)

1 x 10k preset (variable resistor)

1 x 10k ohm resistor

few wires and male header pins

soldering iron and solder

wire cutter

Step 2: Placing the Components

Place all the components according to circuit diagram I given above

Please use IC base instead of directly soldering connection to IC because if your soldering iron is hot enough to crosse its maximum penetrating temperature, the internal circuit of IC will get burn and then your IC is useless.

So keep in your mind that whenever you're going to build circuits, use C base to protect IC and using IC base you will use IC for other projects also.

Photodiode also to be placed in reverse bias as photodiode works good in reverse bias junction instead of forward bias . Now if dont know what is reverse bias and forward bias, dont worry about it . Just connect anode of photodiode to 10K ohm resistor.

Connect pin 3 of IC base to the junction where anode of photodiode and resistor connect.

Connect pin 2 of IC base to 3rd pin of variable resistor.

Step 3: Done ! Just Anything As Output

Connect output devices to 1st pin of IC base.

output devices can be any such as relays,Led ,buzzers,motors ,arduino boards,microcontroller,etc.

You can make any desirale product from using Ir sensor such as use for home automation,obstacle detection, or use for line follower , or in security purpose where to detect trespassing .

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Step 4: Video

watch my video for reference for how to make IR sensor. Enjoy!!!

link for my video

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    Question 11 months ago on Introduction

    i want to make a automatic soap dispenser with IR sensor. i want that once IR sensor detect hand, solenoid valve on for adjustable time (0-10 second) and then off, it turn on again when detect. i don't understand how to make it. i try to make it but soap comes continue. please help

    Nice project. If you get a chance it would be great if you could take some stills of the assembly process from the video and post those pictures in the steps. Still images are a lot easier for mobile users to view.