How to Make Remote Control Car at Home in Easy Way - DIY Wireless RC CAR

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Hello friends in this instructable i will show you how to make a remote controlled rc car in easy way please continue reading...... This is a really cool project so please try to build one!

Step 1: Hate Reading? Watch This Video Https:// complete video tutorial

Step 2: Materials Required

  • DC Motors
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Wheels

i have used 2 kinds of dc motors(since i didn't have 4 same types),motors are attached to the popsicle sticks,here popsicle stick will be the frame of our car

Step 3: Wheels

Since i've used 2 kinds of dc motors all 4 of them attached to the popsicle stick using hot glue and then wheels are attached

Step 4: Securing the Motors

The motors are secured to the frame using lots of hot glue

Step 5: Finishing Up Frame Work

The frame work is finished by attaching extra supports

Step 6: Wireless Receiver

  • i used my spares of old rc car
  • Connections between dc motors and receiver is made
  • Battery along with switch is also added

Step 7: Rc Car Is Ready

  • RC CAR is tested
  • Transmitter/remote is used for controlling
  • joystick up and down leads for forward and backward motion
  • Left button is pushed turns powers only the single front wheel and the car takes a turn



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