How to Make Safe Locker With RFID Lock

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Learn How to make Safe Locker with RFID Lock At Home using Arduino and Very basic electronic components. Let's make A safe locker with RFID lock using Arduino and Rfid Scanner.

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Step 1:

Step 2:

Cut 8mm MDF sheet as per given Dimensions. and make a box with one opening door as shown in pictures. apply some paint on it so it looks good.

Step 3:

Now Solder all components on dotted PCB as circuit Diagram

Step 4:

Here I made solenoid lock by myself. to make solenoid lock I wound about 300 turns of 26 Swg copper wire on a plastic bobbin. A 8mm MS rod used as armature and a 8mm thick and 15mm long bolt used as core of solenoid. to support whole assembly of lock I used A piece of sheet metal.

If you not understand or failed to make it don't worry you can buy it from given link

Step 5:

Fit all parts inside of box. make all things as shown in pictures.

Now it's time to program it. here you need two program to make it run. first you need to find out the UID for your key card. to find out UID upload first program, now open serial monitor and put card on RFID Reader, unique ID of that card will appear on serial monitor copy or notedown that ID. Upload second program to arduino.

Now put that previously copied UID in this program in line 39. and upload it.
All done. for more Support Me on Youtube by Subscribing my channel Thank you...!

Download circuit & source code: Click Here

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