How to Make Slime





- One bottle of glue (more glue if you want more slime)

- One cup of water

- One teaspoon of borax

(optional: food coloring)


- a bowl

- measuring cups

- a teaspoon

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Step 1: Pour in a Bottle of Glue

You are going to pour a bottle of glue into a bowl. If you want more slime, you can use two, three, or even four bottles.

Step 2: Mix the Borax and Water

In a separate bowl, mix one cup of warm water and about one teaspoon of borax and stir it together.

Step 3: Pour Some Into the Glue

Once the borax is dissolve, we can finally get into making slime. If you want your slime to be colorful, you can mix in some food coloring into the glue. Slowly stir in the borax, we are not going to be using the full cup.

Step 4: Keep Adding!

Keep adding until it forms a slime, if it is too sticky just keep adding little bits at a time until it is no longer sticky.

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