How to Make Slime With Glue and Salt




Introduction: How to Make Slime With Glue and Salt

This tutorial show how to make slime with Glue and Epsom salt

Step 1: Step 1: Materials


Elmer's clear glue

Epsom salt

Food coloring

Teaspoon measuring (Tps)

Tablespoon measuring (Tbs)

1 bowl with warm water

2 empty bowls

Step 2: Step 2: Create Epsom Salt Mix

  • Add 4 x Tsp of Epsom salt into bowl #1
  • Add 4 x Tsp of warm water
  • Mix

Step 3: Step 3: Slime

Add 8 Tbs of clear glue in another bowl

Add food coloring drops (I use 8)

Pour Epsom salt solution into glue

Use hand to mix

Should have slime as show

Step 4: Step 4: Store Slime

Put slime in zip lock bag to prevent slime from dry out

Thank you for viewing my tutorial. :)

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Step 5: Step 3: Glue Mixture

Add 8 Tbsp (table spoon) of Clear glue into bowl #2

Add ! 8 drops of food coloring.




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Do you have to use epsom salt?

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