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Let's make a solar water heater today. Welcome back to newphysicist. Today, I've a wonderful project to share with you. I love renewable energy and creating renewable energy related projects is my passion. I'll continue to create new projects and will share with you. Follow me and subscribe to my Youtube channel to get early access to my projects.

We know, solar power is the back born of all most all other renewable energy sources except geothermal energy and nuclear power. We can cut down our electricity and gas bills by effectively harnessing solar power for heating water, passive lighting etc.

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Step 1: Start Making

  1. Hi welcome back to newphysicist. In this post in going to share a simplest method to make a simple solar water heater. It can be used in your office or home to provide you with continuous supply of hot water. You can make this project for school science Fair or for teaching purposes.
  2. Cut a 2*2 feet square piece of plywood.
  3. Cut a 2*2 Feet piece of Glass
  4. Cut 2*2 feet piece of aluminium sheet.
  5. Fit aluminum sheet on plywood using reeper.
  6. Paint 15m copper Pipe in Black.
  7. Place copper pipe on plywood.
  8. Enclose the system with glass.
  9. Take a bottle and connect two pipes as shown in the figure.
  10. Connect a tap to the bottle cap.
  11. Make a stand using GI pipe. Watch video.
  12. Place everything in order as shown in figure. Fill the bottle with water.
  13. Place the solar water heater in sunlight. Solar water heater is ready.!!
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    9 Discussions


    5 months ago

    Very nice project,thanks for share.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Great instructable.

    Ideas (1): You could paint the bottom of the water reservoir black to use more of the available sunlight, but DON'T paint the top! If the reservoir is not full, and painted on top, the blackened plastic will melt in the sun.

    (2) Cover the black tubing with polythene or polycarbonate, not glass. Glass absorbs sunlight.

    (3) Insulate the reservoir with bubble-wrap.

    Newoldbuilder Caspar

    Reply 1 year ago

    Glass is ok to use. All commercial solar thermal plants with parabolic troughs use glass around the absorption tubes.


    Reply 1 year ago

    You're right. Most of the ir goes through the glass.


    1 year ago

    Good starter project for someone learning about solar power. Let them know they don't have to have advanced degrees in science or a lot of money or fancy equipment.

    I'm wondering if the glass makes that much difference. Might be worth trying without it if you can't get it. Or maybe try clear plexiglass if you happen to have that instead.

    A more advanced version might use a series of reflective troughs (half-pipes lined with aluminum foil?) with the tubing held above the surface so as to catch concentrated solar rays. Parabolic troughs with mirror coating would be best. You might have to be careful to avoid melting the plastic -- maybe use black-painted metal pipes connected by high-temp plastic tubes at the ends.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your kind words and valuable suggestions. I've created a parabolic solar concentrator and water heater project. You can watch my video on

    Thanks for watching.