How to Make Table Fan From Plastic Soda Bottle DIY Simple Electric Fan




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By using empty coca cola or sprite or any soda plastic bottles we can make fans,Its simple and easy and take less time to build, We require 6 or 9 V DC Toy motor and Power source you may use the battery or you can use the old Mobile phone charger having output of 5 V was very effective power source,And you may use tissue paper Rolls or PVC Pipes as holders or stand for the fan and you may build base with several materials like Styrofoam or card board sheets. It produces cool air and t requires less than 1 $ to build and use.

Warning: Be careful while handling cutters and scissors and take extra care with Electricity.

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    2 years ago

    Ahhh! Nice one. I have found newly created creative table fan made up with PVC


    3 years ago

    As a female of "a certain age", this is just what I need!

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