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Introduction: How to Make Third Hand Tool

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Hello Guys, while soldering PCB or to hold the components when soldering we find difficulty , even I also faced this problem. Then searched for buying a third hand but the cost is high.Then I thought why can't I make a third hand.In this Instructable I will instruct you how to make your own helping hands (third hand tool) with soldering stand.

A helping hand, also known as a third hand or X-tra Hands, is a type of extremely adjustable jig used in soldering and craft work to hold materials near each other so that the user can work on them. A commonly produced version consists of a weighted base, a pair of twice-adjustable arms ending in crocodile clips.

Lets gets Started...

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Step 1: Components Required

Crocodile clips - 2 [ Banggood ]

Washers - 2 [ Banggood ]

Bicycle spoke - 1 [ you can also use thick metal wire ]

M3 Bolts and Nuts - 2 [ Banggood ]

M4 Bolts and Nuts - 2 [ Banggood ]

Screws - 2 [ Banggood ]

Old pens without ink - 4

Wooden Plank 30 x 10 cm - 1

Step 2: Watch Video First!

The video gives you all the information you need to build your own third hand tool with soldering stand. During the next steps however I will present you some additional information to make the project even simpler.

Step 3: Making Soldering Iron Holder

Take the bicycle spoke and twist like as shown in the picture.

This will acts as soldering iron holder.

Step 4: Making of Hands

Note: Each step follows each picture in order, it will be helpful while doing.

  • Take the pens and cut like as shown in the pictures.
  • Add a cut at the base for only two pens.
  • Widen the holes at base of other two pens.
  • Drill hole at the center of the cut area for all pens.
  • Insert the two clips end into the cut of the two pens respectively.
  • Bolt the pens one with the clip and another without clip.
  • Apply super glue at the joint of clip and the pen.

By this making hands is completed.

Step 5: Making the Base

Note: Each step follows each picture in order, it will be helpful while doing.

  • Mark the points on the wooden plank to make holes.
  • Drill the holes at points marked.
  • Now screw the hands to the base.
  • Insert the bolt for soldering lead roll and tight the nut.
  • Insert the bolt for soldering holder and then add washer to it, place the soldering holder on the washer through bolt. Insert the another washer and fix the nut tight.

Step 6: You Made It !

That's all guys you made it.

You will never find hard while soldering the PCBs.

Feel free to comment.

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