How to Make Wooden Toy Car



Glue two 25 mm thick / 450 mm long planed planks together into a single board. Make sure the planks have the same color and grain direction. Hold the piece for 2-3 days to let the moist from the glue distribute over the inner surfaces.

Process the piece on a thickness planer until it reaches the needed size.

Adjust the size using a miter saw (the length of the toy car + a 40 mm margin).

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Step 1: Preparing Work-pieces

Cut a Toyota RAV4 template out of a piece of 8 mm thick medium density fiberboard. Draw a contour line on the board. Cut the window using a hand tool equipped with an overrunning cutter.

Cut out the car along the contour line using a band saw and leave a 2 mm margin.

Draw contour lines in pencil. Remove excess wood with a flat chisel. Do the final shaping using hand cutters. Finish the piece. Drill two 8 mm through-holes for wheel axles.

Step 2: Wheels

To make wheels, you will need a planed 20/85/500 mm board. Mark it out.

Cut out wheels using a small DIY compass cutter. When doing so, gradually cut deeper into the material. Use a 2 mm drill as an axis.

Make axels out of an 8 mm brass rod. Finish the wheels.

Step 3: Finishing and Assembly

Put one layer of teak oil on each part. Use a piece of soft and clean cloth and spread the oil evenly. Leave it for 20 to 25 hours for the oil to soak into the material evenly. Remove excess oil with a piece of cloth. Wait until the oil dries completely.

Assemble the toy. Glue the wheels to the axels using cyanoacrylate glue.
Glue the spare wheel to the back of the car. Fix it on an 8 mm wooden pin.

Here is your toy car. Nice gift for your kid!

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