How to Make Your Very Own Pac-Man Pillowcase

Introduction: How to Make Your Very Own Pac-Man Pillowcase

Welcome to my very first Instructable!! I hope you like it and pleeese vote in the Gaming contest for me!

Here is your list of materials:

1. White fabric (small scraps for eyes or large pieces for base color)

2. Cutting mat

3. Red fabric or whatever color your ghost/Pac-man is (enough for ghost/Pac-man of size chosen)

3. Pac-man or Pac-man Ghost stencil of choice

4. Black fabric (not a lot, just enough to fit two of your stencil's eyes)

5. Sharpie (black and silver)

6. Sewing Machine

7. Fabric glue (ask your parents or a crafty person which glue to use)

8. Pins

9. Fabric cutting ruler

10. Rotary cutter

11. Scissors and/or ex-acto knife

12. Thread (I used white but you could use black or color of choice)

13. Pillow or Stuffing

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Step 1: Make the Ghost:

First download a stencil that is slightly smaller than your pillow. Print it out and cut out the shape and the eyes of the ghost. DON'T THROW THE EYES AWAY!! Use a sharpie to draw the outline of the ghost on the fabric. Cut out the shape of the ghost NOT THE EYES!! Then use the eye stencil pieces to stencil your eyes on black fabric. You can use a silver marker if you can't see the lines from the black sharpie. After you cut out your ghost's eyes glue them on your ghost on the side of the ghost without the sharpie on it or cover the sharpie with your fabric, do likewise for the eyes. Then use a piece of your white fabric to cut out small circles for the pupils and do likewise again (glue on the Ghost, sharpie side down). You're Done!

Step 2: Make the Pillow Case

Ok now take your base fabric (large white piece in this case) and measure the size of your pillow. If your pillow is clearly a square you only have to measure one side but otherwise measure the top and right sides. You can draw the size square you need to cut out with a sharpie marker on the WRONG SIDE of your pillow fabric. Cut your fabric according to the sharpie lines ( I did a really bad sharpie job in the pic) , lining up your ruler on the fabric on the cutting mat, cutting with the rotary cutter according to your pillow size. You can cut 1 in. longer than your pillow for a looser fit if you would like.

*Pin your ghost to the right side of your fabric and sew it on, sewing carefully around the entire edge of the ghost.

Now go back to your cutting mat and cut more pieces of fabric for the envelope style back.

Cut each of the two back pieces the same width of the front piece but 3 inches shorter.

Take one of the back pieces and pin the right side of the fabric to the front of your pillow, making sure you are pinning right sides together.

Don't worry about covering your ghost, we will flip it inside out later, as seen in picture 4.

Sew this flap around the three sides. Repeat with the second flap, using the pictures for reference. Flip inside out and you have your very own pillowcase!! Now stick it on the pillow and take a selfie with it to share with all your friends.

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    3 years ago

    Thx Penolopy, super excited to get my first comment/ instructible. :)

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Cute! Love the zigzag stitch you used to attach the ghost to the pillowcase :)