How to Make a C:/Windows Checker

Introduction: How to Make a C:/Windows Checker

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This Is A Tutorial To Make This Simple Program

Step 1: Open Notepad

Press WIN Button + R Multiple Times Until Run Comes Up. Then Type In "notepad" and press Enter

Step 2: Save It Just in Case

Save It As Anything You Want But .bat Has To Be At The End Of Your Title Or The Program Won't Work

Step 3: Coding Part 1

Type In:

@echo off

title System Check-Up

echo Would You Like To See Th Files In Windows?

echo Press The X Button For No

echo Press Any Key For Yes

pause >nul

Step 4: Coding Part 2

Now Type In:

cd C:\Windows


cd C:\Users

echo Done!

echo Press Any Key To Exit

pause >nul


(Checking Will Take A While Depending On How Big Your C:/Windows File Is)

Step 5: Testing the Program

Save It Then Open The Program That You Created And Test It.

When Your Done testing It...


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    Great first Instructable. Thanks for sharing with the community.