How to Make a Christmas Flower Arrangement




Introduction: How to Make a Christmas Flower Arrangement

Here are understandable pictures and steps to help guide you through making your own small floral arrangement for the holidays. An arrangement this size will be suitable for small areas like coffee tables or counter tops.

Tools needed:
Block of Oasis floral foam
Anchor tape
Wire cutters
4 in. x 4 in. glass cube
Floral wire
Small towel
Cutting board

Flowers needed:
Bear grass
40 cm red roses
Green hypernicum berries
White button palms
Red mini carns

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Step 1: Soak the Floral Foam.

Fill a sink with enough water to soak the floral foam. This will take about fifteen minutes or so. The foam will be completely soaked once it has sunk to the bottom of the sink and is dark green.

Step 2: Cut the Foam.

Take the small towel and fold it in half; lay the cutting board on top of the folded towel. Insert the foam into the cube. Then take the knife and make a light line right above the edge of the cube. This line will tell you where to cut the foam. After this, remove the block of foam from the cube and cut down the line.

Step 3: Anchor the Foam With Tape.

Insert the foam you cut into the cube. Using the anchor tape, tape from the top of one side of the cube across the foam to the other side of the cube. The tape should cut into the foam a small amount.

Step 4: Cut the Leatherleaf Stems.

Take out four or five stems of leatherleaf. Cut off the largest two sets of leaves at the bottom and the small grouping of leaves at the very top. You may throw away the middle section and the stem, if you wish. Those pieces will not be used in this arrangement.

Step 5: Cover Up the Tape With Leatherleaf.

On each side, take two pieces of leatherleaf and poke them into the foam around the anchor tape. Following this, take the leatherleaf and insert the pieces around the cube. Fill in any empty spaces you see around the edges of the foam with the leatherleaf.

Step 6: Add More Leatherleaf and Mini Carnations.

Take four more stems of leatherleaf and cut the upper half of the leaves off. Insert these four pieces into the cube around the center of the foam as close to the tape as possible. Establish the height that you want your first stem of mini carnations to be. Take the stem of mini carnations and stick it in the center of the foam, as close to the anchor tape as possible.

Step 7: Add Four Stems of Roses.

Take four stems of roses and cut them about two inches or so long. At each corner of the foam, add a rose. Insert the rose at a small angle about 1/4" in from the corner of the cube.

Step 8: Now Add the Hypernicum Berries.

Using four stems, cut the hypernicum berries close to the same length as the roses. Stick one stem of the berries in between each rose.

Step 9: Insert More Mini Carnations.

You will need one more stem of mini carnations. This stem should be cut only slightly shorter than the first stem of mini carnations. After being cut, insert these mini carnations in front of the first stem.

Step 10: Cut and Add the White Button Palms.

Cut all of the individual palms off the stems. Add one palm to each corner of the foam, but be careful to not put the palm directly underneath the rose. They need to be close to each other, but they should not be exactly aligned. Continue cutting palms and add them to any places you would like or where there seems to be empty spots in the arrangement.

Step 11: Add a Rose.

Chose how tall you would like for the rose to be in the center of your arrangement, keeping in mind that it should be somewhat shorter than the carnations. Insert the rose into the center of the foam.

Step 12: Cut and Add a Piece of Cedar.

Using the wire cutters, snip off a piece of cedar that is slightly taller than the carnations. Carefully insert it into the foam behind the carnations.

Step 13: Make a Bow Out of Bear Grass.

Take three pieces of bear grass that are all about the same length. Be extremely careful using bear grass because it can very easily cut your hands! Hold an end of the three strands of grass together in each hand. Gently bend the grass in half and cross the ends. Using one hand, grip the intersection at the cross tightly. Use your other hand to take the top of the loop and bend it down to the intersection point. Tightly wrap wire around the intersection point and bend of the loop. Twist the wire all the way to the bottom, making a stick out of it. Pull the loose ends of the bear grass together at the bottom and cut them so that they are the same length. Now insert your bow wherever you would like in your arrangement, and you are done!

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    6 years ago

    The flowers are white button poms, not palms. Palm is a type of green leaf.


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    Oops, I totally missed that - should have known. Thanks.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is gorgeous - great job! :) Very thorough instructable!